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Samstag, 9. Juni 2018

SuperDC: developers Blog June 2018

Now we have some new news about the SuperDC Mod, which is developing by "bbfplayer". Lets start with the first part of the news. At first there are some pictures about the Scud Model replacing for the russian rocket launcher. You can play the black russian rocket launcher soon in beauty camouflage, as special you cannot only move the rocket for aiming up and down, you can put it left and right from your position, without moving the car:


The second Part is about the replaced DCX T90 Tanks.


This Model looks more better:

But thats not all of the news, in the third part we have some about the T55 new model, T80 tank and helmets converted from bf3/4 to russian faction:






Here you can see the good Helmet results:

SuperDC v2.2: Download

A Server to play SuperDC online is temporary daily online.

Autor: bbfplayer

Source: battlefieldsingleplayer.com

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