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Freitag, 14. November 2014

Battlegroup42 Final - Biplanes incoming!

There are new by the modders from the battlegroup 42 camp.
In three-quarter Jahrer, hard work tinkered together a dogfight map "RuppDee" and the BG 42 team.The trick, it is flown only with biplanes.
The idea of the battlegroup of boys were for Christmas 2013.
This idea reminds us strongly of the mod battlefield 1918, with the popular "Desert Winds" map.Venue will be the far East, where at the end of the 1930s were held fierce air battles between the Japanese - and sojwet troops.

Mainly biplanes were involved in the fighting.
The Soviet model "Pam I-153" was kindly provided by the FHSW MOD team.
As opponents in the battle of material waiting for the "Kawasaki Ki-10", which was created by "RuppDee".
The battlegroup team and we are sure that the "dogfight"map with the biplanes will get fun. The battlegroup 42 team looks forward to your visit: Website

Important notice regarding the Battlegroup42 server

In January 2015 we will switch the website, forum, Gameserver etc. over to a new server. It's already running and in the process of being prepared for the switch, so that on the day the current server is shut down the switch will run as smooth as possible. More information will follow !


The current battlegroup 42 1.8beta mod is available here:  Download
Would be pleased about your comments?
That's it from me, hope you rejoice about the news.

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