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Donnerstag, 21. Mai 2015

FH: Pixel Fighter 7 days D-Day Event 2015!


70th anniversary of the end of WWII
 Pixel-fighter gives YOU a 7 Days event !

PFC D-day event starts 5th of June and runs till the 11th of June PFC
 YOU beeing there makes all the difference !
We start on Friday 5th of June 

Part 1 Friday 5th of June

19.00 gmt+1

Part 2 Saturday 6th of June

19.00 gmt+1

Part 3 Sunday 7th of June
19.00 gmt+1

Part 4 Monday 8th of June
19.00 gmt+1

Part 5 Tuesday 9th of June
19.00 gmt+1

Part 6 Wednesday 10th of June
19.00 gmt+1

Forgotten Hope 0.7: Download Mod

Maps for the Event: Download

Unzip if necessary and put the map (file ending .rfa) in your levels folder: ..\Battlefield 1942\Mods\FH\Archives\bf1942\levels\

Server: Pixel-Fighter.com FH/RANKED
Server IP:

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