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Samstag, 13. Februar 2016

BF 1942: DF cup 1v1 dogfight tournament by Black Mamba

Today we will present you about the facts of the since 24 January started and running DF cup 1:1 dogfight tournement created by "Black Mamba". Due to recent interest in hosting another competitive event, "Black Mamba" has decided to host a dogfight tournament. It is his honest opinion that cups and tournaments bring more life in the game and that more should be hosted. As such, "Black Mamba" have decided to host more small to medium scale cups in the coming months. There will be at least one other DF cup as well as an infantry cup coming up but that's not yet confirmed.
The DF cup will take the form of a 1v1 with the usual rules of engagement. Those rules will be explained here more in details once he is familiar with them, but if someone knows them, please PM "Black Mamba" or reply to this topic.
Players can choose the map of their liking for the 1v1, it can be League DF maps or vanilla maps. Server and map choice must be agreed on by both players. The 50/50 rule will be applied, meaning if an American player fights a player from Europe, there will be one match in the American player's server of choice and the other in the European server. If one player doesn't have a server to play on, both matches will be played on a server agreed on by both contestants.
Matches will consist of one round per plane, i.e., player A starts with Spitfire in round 1 and plays with BF109 in round 2 and vice versa for player B. Matches will be no longer than two rounds. Since some dogfights can take a lot of time, score limit to win a round is set to 5.
"Black Mamba" have decided to host a cup with 16 contestants. Sign-ups are first come, first served. The cup will be a double elimination knockout tournament with a winners and losers bracket.
He is open to different suggestions for cup systems.

Current sign-ups for the tournament (since 24.01.2016 its closed)
  1. SleveN
  2. hanzee_panzee
  3. LL22
  4. Sonic
  5. joint
  6. gio
  7. Viitapiru
  8. Jazzy
  9. dikzak
  10. Néroné
  11. Maxwell
  12. Beyazz
  13. Sommarel
  14. Chibi
  15. KarlsoN
  16. sharp
  17. Possible (yet to confirm) cast

*VERY IMPORTANT! It is your responsibility to play your cup matches. "Black Mamba" will not be the police and run after people to beg them to play their cup matches. If you don't show up for your match, then your opponent wins by forfeit, no exceptions. There will be no rescheduling of matches, except in the event where both contestants cannot make it.
For any questions regarding the cup, please PM me. Since this is a 1v1 tournament, there is no need for complicated sign-up forms. If you are interested, just say so by replying to this thread and "Black Mamba" will add you in the list of confirmed sign-ups.


There you find the statistic about this event:

Too small screenshots for you? Don't worry!

Click the pic:

- Please respect your opponent during matches. No name calling or disrespectful behavior will be tolerated.
- Both players are responsible for taking screenshots at the end of each round, but casters and specs might also do so. A match without screenshots will be considered invalid and will have to be redone.
- All matches MUST be broadcasted, a live shoutcast would also be highly appreciated
- Passwords should only be communicated to cup admins and contestants, as well as a predetermined list of voluntary spectators
- It goes without saying known hackers and cheaters are forbidden from entering the cup, even to spectate
- Most of all, have fun!
Since there seems to be a debate here on what constitutes a frag, the following definition will be used to define it. A frag will only be scored by gunning down your opponent with your plane's MG and/or bombing them. Trying to ram your plane into your opponent to score a frag doesn't count and accidental crashes neither. Crashing your plane into the ground accidentally will not penalize you.
Also, Friendly-Fire will be turned ON and the score system will be modified so that accidental self frags (via self bombing) do not penalize a player's points.
In the event of a 0 - 0 tie, and ONLY if both players fail to score a single frag versus their opponent in that time frame, a sudden death round will follow where the first player to score a frag automatically wins the match.
In the event of, say, a 1 to 1, 2 to 2 or 3 to 3 tie at the end of the match, their will be no sudden death rounds. Instead, the last player to score the tying frag will be eliminated. Example: Player A kills Player B first. 1 frag for Player A. Then Player B frags player A. 1 frag for player B. No further frags are scored until the end of the match. Player B goes to the losers bracket since it took him/her more time to score the tying frag. Time limits will be closely watched by the broadcasting crew so that each frag is associated with a specific time, and the time of the frag, screenshotted (for example, player A killed player B 5 minutes 30 seconds after round start, so at 9:30 on the clock). IMO it is only logical that in DRAW situations, the player that took the less time to frag his/her opponent advances to the next round.
The game mode for the matches will be in TDM (Team Death Match). As already mentioned, score limit is set to 4 frags per round. There will be two rounds per match for a total of 30 minutes. If a 0 - 0 draw occurs, then a sudden death round will follow.
Planes must be chosen in pairs. The following pairs will be accepted: BF109/Spitfire and Corsair/Zero. Each player picks their favorite plane in those two combinations and if there are differences in plane picking, then another with the second combination plane will be played.
Example: if Player A doesn't like using the Spitfire that Player B chose in the first round and prefers the Corsair, then in the second round he or she may use that plane if the first round was played with Player B's favorite plane. Furthermore, following the pair rule, if player B chooses to pick the BF109 in the first round then Player A MUST fight his/her opponent with the Spitfire and the same logic prevails in the second round.
Since map choice is pretty much irrelevant in a dogfight, all fights will take place in El Alamein, and the map will be modded server-side to include the four different available planes. This will reduce the hassle of some players having to install custom maps (such as League DF maps).
League/Clan servers with PunkBuster will be used for the matches and the respective passwords for those servers will be sent to contestants via PM.
Once you are signed up YOU are responsible for setting up the match with your opponent and COMMUNICATING the date, time, location (server) and any other important information (such as passwords) to the cup admin (me). A general time frame for matches will be provided as a reference however the official date and time of the matches is set up by YOU, the contestants. You are responsible to arrange sudden death matches if the event of a 0 - 0 tie as well. Once an arrangement has been set by both players, one of the two players will send me a PM with all the details regarding the match so that I can contact the person responsible of casting / broadcasting the matches.
Player matching will be done when 16 players have signed up for the event. Right now there are 14, as already stated. I will try to match the players in the most arbitrary way possible. The tournament, once we reach 16 sign ups, will be a double elimination knockout tournament with a Winners and Losers bracket. Cup progress will be available to everyone on the site Challonge.com.

Source: team-simple.org

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