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Mittwoch, 7. September 2016

Battlefield 1942 higher quality menu & HUD icons!

Today we have found on the team-simple.org community an exciting patch for a "higher quality menu" and "HUD icons".

"Tuia" (the creator of the bf1942.exe Patch to keep them alive for example), made some small changes and fixes to menu and HUD icons for BF1942 and repacked them. This is a continuation upon a previous work by "unexpectedpanda" based on Merciless Creations mod. It is an improvement on all menu and HUD textures, most are doubled in resolution and you'll notice the difference if you play in higher than 800x600 resolution or widescreen resolutions.

Download the: menu_001.zip file,

extract it and copy menu_001.rfa to: \Mods\bf1942\Archives. 

If you don't want to use it anymore, just delete menu_001.rfa and you'll revert back to the old style.

Some ticket flags looked ugly, especially american and canadian flags. This is how they look now at original size:
 Fixed also M3 Gun Motor Carriage menu icon for Road to Rome:  2121726Icon_M3GMC.png
ATTENTION: Using this modification is not allowed in BF1942 Liga matches according to their rules, so don't use it, if you plan to play in BF1942 Liga. Delete menu_001.rfa to revert back to classic icons.

"Tuia" made some screenshots:
7135027flag_ticket_brit.png 6356207flag_ticket_can.png 6487892flag_ticket_fre.png 4573313flag_ticket_ger.png 7611615flag_ticket_it.png 5462021flag_ticket_jp.png 1734328flag_ticket_rus.png 2895817flag_ticket_us.png

Source: team-simple.org

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