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Mittwoch, 16. Mai 2018

Libyan Revolution as BF1942 Mod

a minimod for battlefield 1942 and its popular DC (Desert combat) mod, based on the Libyan civil war 2010-2011.

A Mod for BF1942, or better, a Minimod for BF1942 DC Mod. This mod has 2 Factions:  Gaddafi Forces and Libyan Rebels.  Sadly i could not find any link to download this mod. Im not even sure if this Mod has been released somewhere or if its a private mod. Anyway, 2 videos i found on Youtube, but more Videos are in this link i posted below the Videos. If someone has this mod or the link, please post it or upload it here.  Thank you very much.

Autor: lato190

Source: moddb.com

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