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Donnerstag, 17. Dezember 2015

Interstate 82: Christmas Event at 18th Dec / X-Mas Patch Release!

December to Remember Event

The Interstate 1982 Mod invites all BF42 Players to join in on the 18th December all day event Uberdaciousness...

What do you need to play is?

1.) Basic Game:  Download

2.)  Download bf1942.exe modify for find back the Server on GAMESPY -- >> overwrite the old bf1942.exe in your Battlefield 1942 folder:  bf1942.exe Origin or bf1942.exe CD user

3.) Interstate 82 (393MB):  Download 

or Interstate 82 Full Installer (5500MB: Download   

4.) Interstate 82 Christmas Patch (512MB):  Download 


"GoodDayToDie!!" said GOODDAY SIRz!! 

And we (HG-Clan News Team) said thx for the IS82 Christmas Event 2015!

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