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Samstag, 18. Februar 2017

Forgotten Hope Revisited: back in 2017 and breaking FH news!

Welcome to long-awaited FHR update. The mod is in work again. Updates are back, and today we start with some stuff already done. Tank sight optics Tanks received telescopic-like gunsights.  

Discuss Topic about this mod or Contact to the developer, you will find there: click here

FHR Telescopic Tank Sights:

The gunsight can be turned on by pushing a button. Note that default gunsight without magnification is still working and can be used if needed. External views are fully functional also. Next updates coming soon.
Marek33 post:
Welcome back! It's great to see more mods for Bf1942 and especially high quality ones like this!

What do you need to play?  
1.) Forgotten Hope 0.7 - Windows 7/8/10: Download

2.) Forgotten Hope Revisited v0.16: Download

Recommend features for your FH Revisited v0.16 Mod

a.) Forgotten Hope 0.7 (optional) new Fan Interface FHC 3b2: Download

b.) Forgotten Hope 0.7 - Famous Bratwurst + Texture Patch "22.Sep 2015": Download

c.) FH Family (works with FHR and FHSW)  BLOODY SCREEN + LOW HP:  Download

Installation: Battlefield 1942/Mods/FH/Archives/ (paste menu_001.rfa here)

d.) FH 0.7 Norwegian Resistance 0.86b full Version Add On: Download

Author - Developer:

Source:  moddb.com

.....................breaking news.............


The Pixel-Fighter.com munity working at the -=PFC=- Mappack 5th. Kampfsau the developer of the maps give us the information, that the new maps from the Stalingrad Event aren't the only one new maps. Here you can see a little leak of something more.

One of the part from the new -=PFC=- Mappack 5 are these four new eastfront maps, got them here:

f tp://

To play, please extract the maps in your FH level folder, for example:

C://Program Files (x86)/EA GAMES/Battlefield 1942/Mods/FH/Archives/bf1942/levels

Game essentials as new or veteran player:

1.) As a new player got the Battlefield 1942 as basic game: Download

2.) Forgotten Hope 0.7 full Windows 7/8/10 support only one installer:  Download

Pimp up your good old FH 0.7 Mod with a new Interface Menu, bloody screen effect or Sound and Texture Pack for a more WW2 realism experience!

Additional Maps for the Mappack Events:

3a.) PFC Custom Maps:

3b.) Filefront Custom Maps:

Be one of the Part of the pixel-fighter.com Community.

Developer: -=PFC=- Kampfsau

Source: pixel-fighter.com


 What you need for Downloads to be there?

You just get here: Download

- Battlefield 1942
- Forgotten Hope 0.7
- Forgotten Hope Mappack 6
- FHSW 0.6

If do you get it?!

You are invited to visit the 26 February FHSW Eastern Front Event, at 7pm CET!


FHSW 0.6! FHSW-Europ.ucoz.de
Address:   Port: 14567

After then you'll be one of the Part of the World War 2 Division made for you the players by Japan!

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