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Mittwoch, 26. April 2017

FHSW 0.61 + S&T Release: Appeared surprisingly!


Wir wurden praktisch aus dem nichts von dieser tollen News überrascht. FHSW hat ein 1.3 GB Patch mit dem Namen (FHSW 0.61) rausgehauen. Das Patch bringt tolle neue Spielzeuge für die Fans der Französischen, Italienischen und Deutschen Armee mit. Mit dabei ist die Oberkracher Map "Fall of Berlin", über die wir hier schon berichtet haben, bei welcher der Berliner Reichstags Bezirk Mittelpunkt des Gefechtes ist. Lange wurde an der Map gearbeitet, viele technische Probleme gab es bei der Umsetzung dieser Map zu beheben. Doch 2017, ist das Werk nach gut zwei Jahren Arbeit endlich vollbracht. Den Download zu FHSW und mehr haben wir euch am Ende der News angehängt.

Nun die Komplette News aus der moddb.com Community für euch zum nachlesen hier:

FHSW 0.61 has been released with the main goal of fixing a lot of bugs. But the devs also added a lot of new things, the highlight being the new map "Fall of Berlin" which recreates the final battle of World War II in Europe in a very convincing manner.

Change log:

The Author tried to translate most of the changes from the Japanese dev blog, he can’t guarantee that everything is correct. The source is linked at the bottom of this news.


  • planes on aircraft carriers are locked into position until you move the elevator. This can be used to rev up the engine before take-off which is very helpful when the carrier is moving.
  • slightly increased anti-personnel damage of guns with caliber 57 mm and below
  • damage of tank HEAT ammo increased
  • fixed visual and audio issues of large caliber artillery shells
  • rockets with a caliber of 28 cm and above penetrate walls now
  • fixed a bug where the ammo selector wasn’t visible in some ships
  • fixed bugs with deployable mortar
  • the three machine gun variants of the deployable machine gun kits no longer share the same ammo pool to improve game stability
  • several kill log errors have been corrected
  • medic packs slowly regenerate itself now
  • fixed some animation bugs with infantry weapons




United States

  • M4A1 mortar carriage: fixed an issue where turning the vehicle with A/D keys was inverted
  • M16 MGMC: fixed an issue where the vehicle would damage itself while firing
  • B-25G: penetration and splash damage of the 75 mm gun increased
  • WACO glider: "brake rockets" adjusted

Great Britain

  • added Willys Jeep mounted with recoilless rifle RCL 3.45in Mk 1
  • damage of 17 pounder tank gun slightly increased
  • HMS Lion: network bugs fixed
  • special forces kit: now issued with Browning High Power
  • De Lisle: increased accuracy while crouching or proning


  • added Fa 223 "Drache": large helicopter with room for up to 7 people
  • added Borgward IV: radio controlled vehicle which can drop explosive charges


 added Panzerjäger Wanze: Borgward IV chassis armed with a battery of six Panzerschreck rockets


 added Jagdtiger Entwurf II: alternative design of the Jagdtiger with engine in the front and superstructure moved to the rear


  • added Jagdtiger (improved): proposed design with 12,8 cm L/66 gun
  • added K98 AT rifle grenade: power similar to Kampfpistole AT warhead but better aiming at long distances and longer reload time
  • added Faustpatrone 42: small disposable AT weapon, penetrates about 100 mm of armour


  • added MP 40: variant with increased rate of fire but lower accuracy
  • E-25: problems fixed where the tank would slip while standing still
  • PT16: durability increased
  • 2 cm Flak 38: gun sight changed
  • Fw 190 D-9: engine power slightly increased
  • He 111 Z: launch and control of the Hs 293 missile can be done from the second seat now
  • random infantry weapon kits revisited to improve game stability



  • added Type 2 20 mm AA gun: AA gun based on German Flak 38. It has a central fire-control system which lets you operate six guns at once.
  • late Yamato model and code revisited to reduce lag especially for the captain
  • Yokosuka D4Y: fixed a bug where the bombs could not be rearmed at airfields
  • Nakajima B6N: fixed self-repair function when gunner seat is occupied
  • model and code of all (hybrid) aircraft carriers revisited to reduce load

Soviet Union

  • added T-35 (1939): new model
  • added T-35 E: proposed design with more armour and stronger engine
  • added T-35-95: proposed design with 95 mm F39 tank gun
  • T-34/85: fixed wrong armour values
  • T-44: fixed wrong pistol port positions
  • MiG-3: improved flight performance


  • added ARL 44: heavy tank which was produced almost immediately after the liberation of Paris, armed with 90 mm gun


  •  added AMX 13: light tank with magazine fed gun

  • added AMX 50: planned successor of the ARL 44 with powerful 120 mm gun and good front armour, the sides are very vulnerable however


  • L3: fixed collision mesh




Map-related changes

  • added Fall of Berlin 1945: The last stand for the German army at the Reichstag in Berlin.
  • Operation Rattrap: It’s now possible to damage the Ratte from the outside with high caliber guns such as the Churchill AVRE or 9 inch turrets.
  • Desert Hill: Converted to post-WW2 conflict between West and East
  • Way to Paris: Allied forces strengthened
  • Midway 1942: AA destroyer added to Japan, has no weapons to attack ships
  • Salerno: from the official add-on “Road to Rome”
  • Operation Varsity: multiplayer stability increased
  • Operation Varsity: Allies want to secure bridges over the Rhine, can you stop them?
  • The Forgotten Jungle: fixed problems which caused game crashes

Was ihr alles braucht um dabei zu sein?

Das bekommt ihr hier.....

1.-5.) FHSW 0.61 + mehr: click here

- Battlefield 1942
- Forgotten Hope 0.7
- Forgotten Hope Mappack 6
- FHSW 0.6
 - FHSW 0.61

6.) FHSW 0.6 Sound and Texture Patch: Download


 -Adjusted tank cannons sounds volume, so they are much louder now.
-Added sound for:
-Type 96 MG
-Type 99 MG (both used in almost all Japanese tanks)
-QF-2 Pounder (early versions of Crusader, Valentine, Daimler Dingo, etc.)
-QF-6 Pounder (Cromwell, Churchill, etc.)
-90 mm Gun M3 (M26 Pershing)
-76 mm Gun M3 (M4 Sherman, etc.)
-76,2 mm Gun M7 (M18 Hellcat, Sherman Jumbo, etc.)
-37 mm M1939 AA Gun (ZSU-37)
-20 mm Flak 30/38
-152 mm ML-20 Howitzer (SU-152, ISU-152)
20mm KwK 30 (PzKpfw II)
37mm A7 (LT vz.38)
37mm BK3,7 (Junkers Ju 87D-3 "Stuka", Hs 129B-2/R3)
37mm NS-37 (Yak-9T)
45mm 20K (T-26, BT-7, T-35, etc.)
57mm Zis-4 (T-34-57)
60mm QF 6 Pounder (Cromwell, Churchill, etc.)
75mm BK75 (Hs 129 B-3)
75mm KwK 40, Pak 40, StuK 40 (PzKpfw IV Ausf. H, StuG III Ausf. G, etc.)
76.2mm Zis-3 ( SU-76)
76.2mm F-34, Zis-5 (T-34, KV-1, etc.)
85mm Zis-S, D-5 (SU-85, T-34-85, KV-85, etc.)
88mm KwK 37 (PzKpfw VI "Tiger")
88mm KwK 43 (PzKpfw VI Ausf. B "Koenigtiger", Ferdinand)
100mm D-10 (IS-1, SU-100)
105mm KwK L/68 (Kingtiger Improved)
128mm KwK44 (Maus, Jagdtiger)
122mm A-19, D-25, D-25T (ISU-122, IS-2, IS-3, etc.)
15 cm Type 96 Howitzer (Type 5 15 cm SPG Ho-Chi)
Changed PPSh and MG-42 sound
Added sounds for:
Nambu Type 4
Type 96 LMG
Type 92 HMG
Type 100 SMG
Arisaka Type 38
Arisaka Type 39
Type 89 Knee Mortar
Browning M2
Browning M1919
BAR 1918
Beretta 34
Beretta 38
Breda 37
Breda 38
M1/M2 Carbine
Colt M1911
M3 Greasegun
M1 Garand
Mosin Nagant
Lee-Enfield No.4
Luger P.08
Springfield M1903
Sten Silenced
Thompson M1928A1
Thompson M1A1
Walther P38

7.) FHSW 0.61 Sound and Texture Patch: Download 

After then youll be one of the Part of the World War 2 Division made for you the players by Japan!

Wir sagen danke an eYe.ris für die schnelle Übersetzung und Publizierung an Moddb.com für die FHSW News. Danke auch an developer Radiomersh, der die Uploads und den Changelog für das FHSW Sound und Texture uns übermittelt hat.

Source: wbmuse.blog89.fc2.com

Translate: eYe.ris  


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