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Mittwoch, 12. April 2017

FHSW inside: Kawanishi H8K "Emily"


At the same time the Kawanishi H6K was going into service in 1938 the Navy ordered the development of a larger, longer-ranged patrol aircraft. The result was the H8K which was one of the best if not the best flying boat of World War II. It was in service from 1942 till the end of the War during which it earned deep respect among Allied aircrews. Unlike many other Japanese airplanes "Emily" could take quite a beating and its defensive armament was pretty impressive as well.

Available in FHSW will be the main variant H8K2 which had improved engines and armament. Possible bomb load configurations are
  • 2x 800 kg bomb
  • 8x 250 kg bomb
  • 16x 60 kg bomblet
  • 2x torpedo
So the Japanese airforce in FHSW finally receives a four-engined bomber with a high bombload that can close the gap to the B-17 a bit.

It's equipped with an Air to Surface Vessel (ASV) radar which means for FHSW you have the rare ability to detect ships and submarines from air. Besides the pilot five seats are available and each one has a 20 mm gun. Even late American fighters can get into trouble when attacking a fully crewed "Emily"! There's no defensive armament on the underside of the plane so it's the safest to attack from below.

Look forward to version 0.6 to fly this magnificent airplane!

Author: eYe.ris

FHSW wiki: click here

Source: Wbmuse.blog89.fc2.com

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