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Dienstag, 16. Mai 2017

Htroop v1.0b82: 2nd update in 2017 Released!

Today we want to show you impressions from the new released Htroop v1.0b82 update. The developer Professor Smith want to give us a 24/7 Server, but he needs your support to realized the idea to do. If do you have a server to share it to multi mod impressions, please do it for this small good mod projects. If do you find some errors or bugs for example, please feel free to post it there: here  Please Register there: click  you can support Professor Smith with your activity. If the Download for the Htroop v1.0b82 is ready for the public, we will do an entry in our "Battlefield 1942 Download Pool 2017" for you.

Now enjoy the Trailer:

The HTroop Update To v1.0b82 has been released. Find it on the htroop.mricesolutions.com, Downloads page. If you do not see it on the downloads page, hold your Control key and hit the F5 key, to force the downloads page to refresh.
Check out the HTroop v1.0b82 teaser trailer (created by JimProGamer), above.
Joshua Hales
Professor Smith

HTroop Downloads Page


  1. Delete all old versions (v1.0b5 through v1.0b7) of HTroop, Before Installing HTroop v1.0b8.
  2. Make sure you install ALL OTHER mods required to run HTroop, before installing HTroop v1.0b8 itself
  3. If a download link does not seem to work, give it time to load (do not repeatedly click the link; just wait)
  4. To run the HTroop Installers (and the Parallel World installer), you must have WinRar installed.

Public Test Server Temoprarily **DISABLED**

NOTE: If you find that you are having trouble loading into an HTroop v1.0b8 map on the dedicated server, try temporarily removing the contentCrc32.con files from the HTroop folder and the HT_Data/EoD folder.

Required MODs
  • *Battlefield 1942 (Version 1.61) | Download
  • *Battlefield: The Road to Rome (Version 1.6) | Download
  • *Battlefield: Secret Weapons of World War II (Version 1.6) | Download
  • All 3 of the above, may now be found and downloaded from this site: Download
  • Forgotten Hope (Version 0.7) | Download
  • The Great War (Version 0.14) | Download
  • Parallel World (Version 0.62) | Download
  • Battlefield Pirates (Version 1.0) | Download
  • Desert Combat (Version 0.7) | Download - INSTALL THIS BEFORE DC FINAL
  • Desert Combat Final (Version 0.8) | Download
  • Silent Heroes (Version 1.2) | Download

HTroop Download Links: - Please install HTroop after installing the previous MODs.

HTroop Client Install Files - 4 Parts - Required to play
  • HTroop CLIENT Install V1b8 Part 1 - Download - Last Update: 05 - Dec - 2016
  • HTroop CLIENT Install V1b8 Part 2 - Download - Last Update: 25 - Nov - 2016

  • HTroop V1b81 Essential Update Part 3 - Download - Last Update: 01 - Jan - 2017
  • HTroop CLIENT Install V1b8.2 Part 4 - Download - Last Update: 19 - April - 2017
HTroop Server Install Files - Only required if you are running a server
  • HTroop SERVER Install V1b8 Part 1 - Download - Last Update: 06 - Dec - 2016
  • HTroop SERVER Install V1b8 Part 2 - Download - Last Update: 26 - Nov - 2016

Install the Essential Update after HTroop
  • HTroop V1b81 Essential Update - Download - Last Update: 01 - Jan - 2017

Recommended MODs - Not required to play HTroop
  • *Eve of Destruction: The Indochina Vietnam Conflict (Version 2.51) | Download


Strauchdieb hat gesagt…

Ist ja echt aufwändig die Mod. Was da für ein Rattenschwanz dran hängt was man alles installieren muss.

[HG] - Administrator hat gesagt…

Ist etwas für Spieler die etwas gebriefter in Sachen Mods sind. Dafür entschädigt HTroop mit viel Abwechslung, auf Battlefield 1942 Basisspiel Basis.

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