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Freitag, 12. Mai 2017

Swaffy's Mod: 0.38 small little preview!

Two years ago we report about the Swaffy's Mod release. Now we have some more about this mod. Swaffy works again on his mod for us. Soon we waiting for the comming release.

There is the News and Release Teaser about the Mod content: click here

The work has been halted lately due to his family moving into a new house. On the good side, here is a little preview of something he got finished lately:


There he is working on making the 1st person airplane meshes merged with the 3rd person meshes on more of the airplanes. He had some trouble with the F4U-1d (Corsair) UVW mapping but it works. Preview of the Bf 109E work in progress:


There are vertices which he have to carefully move so the two models fit as seamlessly as he can make it without distorting any shapes. So far the F4U had the hardest models to merge.

He would rather it not exist until he is ready to upload 0.38, but thank you for helping.

Swaffy's Mod Content, Source, Help, Contact: bfmods.com

Got the currently Swaffy's Mod v0.34 you like there: Download

If there is anything else news, we want to reported about it for you. So stay on the hg-clan news blog tuned.

Source: bfmods.com

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