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Montag, 5. Juni 2017

FHSW Community Mappack Release!


Nachdem wir von dem FHSW 0.61 Patch aus Japan überrascht wurden präsentieren wir euch ein Community Mappack passend für eure FHSW Mod. Dieses Mappack sollte Kompatibel zum 0.61 Patch sein. Der Anstoss zu diesem Mappack kam erst acht Wochen vorher auf den Weg. Viele Spieler beklagten sich, dass die ein oder andere Map aus der FHSW Mod gestrichen wurde. Aufgrund dieser Tatsache hat sich der Spieler "Xenanab" dazu entschlossen ein paar von den verlorenen Maps wieder ins Spiel zu bringen. Sieben Maps an der Zahl kamen bei der Wunschliste zusammen. Bei dem Mappack ging es darum alte Maps, welche nicht mehr bei der FHSW 0.6 Mod enthalten waren wieder reinzupacken und spielbar zu machen.

Hiermit fing also der Spass an:

Hello everyone.
With this update I want to announce that I am kind of "back in business".

As already said there is a list of maps I want to work on for our new mappack for FHSW 0.6.
There won't be seemingly a new version of the mod in the next years, so I guess it's perfectly fine to create this addition.

Now to sum it up again these here are the maps I want to work on now:


Most of these map do not require lots of work since they work as fine as they already are.
Some others might need some new balancing and even a rebuild like Zielona Gora, Zveroboy and Lilliput.

You miss some more maps in this list? Personally I have decided which maps I'd like to spend my time on.
The ones that are missing are either not in my interest to work with or are in my opinion not really worth to include at all.

So if you'd like to contribute something as well then please go ahead and choose from the missing maps. I'm also available for advice and help here in the forum.

I have already downloaded the latest versions of all these maps (from FHSW 0.55) and use these as the basis for the conversion to 0.6.
But there is one map that I just couldn't find.

Do anyone of you have the latest FHSW version of Operation_Blackknight-1945?
I would be grateful if someone could provide a download link.

Okay, in the future I will use this thread to keep you updated about single finished maps.
I will not provide download links 'though to prevent this whole situation to become a clusterfuck just as it used to happen one time already.

When everything is ready to be put together, I will share my stuff.

Nach der Sammlung kamen die Präsentationen zu den Maps:

OCEAN TOWN Now the new changelog:

- deleted backup .con files to reduce data
- edit on Guadalcanal skybox (colour "correction" and "bloomy effects" where the sun rises)
- cosmetic improvements on helmets and backpacks for lots of units (again)
- added a new demolition charge pickup kit at southern isles, center and north (Greasegun, Satchels / SMG 100, turtlemines)
- added 1 hidden Winchester kit around center area
- added 1 M18 pickup kit with HEAT, HE, SMOKE and Canister at the towers of the center
- removed fortification mortar kits
- equipped engineer spawn class with cal 30 revolver, sock / Type 26 revolver, Type 3 AT grenade (instead of satchels / turtlemines)
- equipped allied AT spawn class with choosable HE ammo
- added 2 107mm mortars on southern isles
- changed random Sherman Jumbo 75mm/76mm to just 75mm
- flametanks now spawn twice
- trucks now spawn twice
- changed some vehicle spawntimes (again)
- some weapon tweaks on ammunition amount (as always)
- changed a soldier spawn position at the western block
- improved the ability to traverse the northern town center much better (new statics)
- added new medic boxes at the eastern tower and center
- added new ammo box at the eastern tower
- added radio with music at eastern tower (up on that melancholic lonely place)
- added a few S&T pack textures
- changes on heightmap (you can now walk through the waters of the underground part of eastern and western block)
- edited thumbnail.dds
- edited loadingscreen.tga


All in all I would say that tanks are a bit more powerful now and I tried to encourage infantry players to play with different kits and make use of the more tactics involving the complex environment.
The map data now contains around 46 MB.

ZVEROBOY Here is a changelog:

- skybox texture is changed (sun has been rotated so it's in the south west now)
- repositioned sunlight source
- added night effects
- added some atmospheric effect objects (smoke, fire)
- added global ambience sound from S&T pack
- edited and added specific static objects for gameplay design reasons
- changes on soldier outfits (all Germans wear scout helmets)
- added specific S&T pack textures (environment, soldier skins, handweapons)
- added (and by that forced S&T pack users to see) normal vanilla/FHSW textures
- renamed all control points
- changed control point template properties
- changed Pushcage at axis HQ to normal allies_killercage
- fixed and improved axis_killer areas at allied HQ
- fixed and changed ALL soldier spawns
- added NEW soldier spawns
- changed position of existing vehicle spawns
- changed OT-34 to T34-76 w/ rnd APCR
- removed static MG34 at flag 2
- removed mortars at West Defence flag
- changed Flak 30 to Flak 34
- removed 1 Katyusha
- changed 1 Katyusha to BM8-24
- changed 1 fixed Pak40 to mobile Pak40
- added 1 MG131 at flag 2
- added 1 MG42 at axis HQ
- added 1 mobile Pak40 at axis HQ
- added 1 counterspawn StuG3 G w/ skirts at axis HQ when flag 2 is taken
- added 1 counterspawn Panther D at axis HQ when flag 2 is taken
- added 1 counterspawn Panzer II L at axis HQ when flag 2 is taken
- added 1 counterspawn K98 sniperkit at axis HQ when flag 2 is taken
- edited some vehicle spawn times
- added 1 SVT40 sniperkit at allied HQ when flag 2 is captured
- added rifle kits all over the place (K98 molotov / Mosin Nagant)
- added a few LMG kits at certain places (MG34 / DP1928)
- added a few MP kits at certain places (MP40 smoke pistol / PPS43)
- added for axis rnd Faustpatrone/PzF30 kits at certain places
- added for axis 2 specops kits at flag 2 and axis HQ (K98 ZF41 expacks) (amount of portable expacks reduced to 2)
- added for axis 2 landmine kits at West Defence and axis HQ (amount of portable mines reduced to 1)
- added 1 MG42 kit at axis HQ
- changed most of the soldier spawn classes:
- Officer MP40-II / Officer PPSH41 smoke
- K98 grenades, rilfenade / SVT40 grenades
- K98 Hafthohlladung / Mosin Nagant Carbine RPG43
- K98 Medic / PPSH43 grenades
- rnd pistol satchels wrench / Mosin Nagant Carbine satchels wrench
- added 1 medic box at allied HQ
- added 1 ammo box at flag 2
- adjusted ticket count for both teams
- adjusted ticket bleed rates for both teams
- edited Multiplayer briefing text
- repositioned Spawn camera position (at the start of a game)
- increased view distance by 15 metres (fog density is untouched)
- deleted precache objects.con
- edited thumbnail.dds
- edited loadingscreen.tga


 As I also stated in the briefing text one important point worth noting for both teams is that the Tiger tank at flag 2 and all the flak 88 guns will NEVER respawn after their destruction. This is no invention by me but the original mapper and I can totally get behind that:
Allies can ONLY win by erasing axis team. So the question is how long will it take the allied team to destroy these dangerous defences before the final raid on the axis HQ?
This is how this map works. Basically all soviet tanks (2 T-34s and 1 SU-152) respawn pretty quickly, but they must be efficient and defended by the infantry. Otherwise axis AT equipment and counterspawns are too strong for them and the Germans take ALL flags back. It's a battle against time for allies.

I also hope I made the right decisions on ticket amount vs ticket bleed... this stuff is impossible to assume before a real playtesting. But I guess this stuff can also be configurated later on via SSM if needed.

No, there are no terrain shadowmaps or object lightmaps for this map. And if you ask me this fits the mood just perfectly.
The map data now contains around 18,3 MB.

BASTOGNE Here is a little changelog:

- removed texture directory link for Battle of the Bulge
- added some S&T pack textures (environment and skins)
- added a couple FHSW textures
- added a Willy jeep w/ Browning at southern reinforcement spot for allies
- removed grenades from StG44 soldier spawnclass
- added 1 single EiHGr39 for StG44 sniper kits
- reduced amount of allied grenades to 1
- added a system to prevent allied tankers to rush through the forest in the south to get quick access to allied main (Don't you dare trying to cheat this time, allies)


The texture link was a really interesting thing. It seems that all S&T pack users had a wrong perception of the ground textures of this map. The problem is that with the S&T pack come new edited Terrainshadowmaps for the Battle of the Bulge map.... These are in the directory which has been linked in the Bastogne data. So basically all S&T pack users saw a totally wrong layout of shadows and sunlight quality on their ground textures. In reality the map is darker.
I fixed this by simply removing this link and adding the missing Bulge textures manually to the texture data.

The tweak on grenades was to gain a bit more "soldier class" balance for axis team while keeping the overall balance for both teams the same. Axis still have two other spawnkits with each 2 grenades + the new one for the StG44 snipers. Allies now have to trust more in shooting instead of nade throwing.
The map data now contains around 17,4 MB.

 THE ATTACK ON CARENTAN Small changelog:

- added some S&T-pack textures
- added some FHSW textures
- minor changes on soldier outfits
- added 1 counterspawn Panzerschreck kit for axis at northern reinforcement spawn when enemy takes flag 4
- added 1 Bazooka w/ Smoke kit at flag 2 south of the point where allies normally spawn. Keep your eyes open


The Panzerschreck is there to help axis to get rid of the enemy spawn apc when the battle around the last flag begins. But it only spawns when allies manage to actually capture it.
The Bazooka with smoke is mainly there to add some new FHSW 0.6 stuff and to help allies advance through the open fields.
The map data now contains around 5,8 MB.

 FALL GELB 1940 The changelog:

- added some S&T pack textures
- removed marker pistol on German officer spawnkit
- fixed molotov icon for the Lebel pickup kit (you now aren't "forced" anymore to press the infamous 7 key to equip it and risk a crash)
- changed StuGIII B to StuGIII A
- replaced all Pz 739(f) with Panzer III E (1 w/ rnd APCR)
- replaced P204(f) with SdKfz 251/10
- replaced 1 Panzer II at west flag with Panzer III E
- increased spawntime of the 3 Stuka remote bomber kits to 5 minutes
- slightly edited vehicle spawntimes in general
- fixed the "possible" minefields (better pay attention to the minimap axis!)
- slightly decreased respawntime of minefield mines
- edited ingamemap.dds
- edited multiplayer briefing text


 Obviously the original FH mapper was confronted with the issue that certain German vehicles available for FH did not fit this 1940 scenario and he avoided giving axis a Panzer III J and gave them instead captured Somouas.
Well within 3 weeks the Germans would have never captured and already used the enemy's material against him so I gave them more accurate FHSW stuff.
The minefields are now fixed... more or less let's say.
So the Panzer III E at axis mainbase has rnd APCR ammunition. Is that realistic for May 1940? (3,7 cm KwK 36) Couldn't find any sources for that.
There might still be an issue which I refused to adress because I was too lazy to get into that: Axis can still drive a motorcycle to the French main to grey the flag at least (flag needs 2 soldiers). This is considered pretty lame on our server but it is still possible. I just didn't want to add a pushcage system without the use of ED42.
If it will become a problem I will certainly adress it in the ssm forum.
Honestly I really dislike to edit maps with a FH data source... makes things really inconvinient and confusing at times...
But in my opinion Fall Gelb is the best French map in the game.
The map data now contains around 1,2 MB.

 FHT GOLF HOTEL As usual the changelog with the edits:

- .001 update file now integrated in the main map directory
- added night effects
- added some textures
- changes on soldier outfits
- removed weird atmospheric smoke/fog effects east of hotel area
- removed all Nazi symbolism
- edited position of some static objects
- improvements on pickup kit spawn positions and vehicle spawn positions
- replaced BMW R75 on allied side with Willy Jeep w/ Browning
- removed some weird and useless static MG42s at southern area
- changed Mas 38 specops pickup kits to Thompson specops pickup kits
- changed Mas 36 landmine pickup kits to No4 landmine pickup kits and added a smoke grenade
- changed Bren pickup kits to BAR 1918 pickup kits
- removed one Springfield 04 sniperkit at norther arty post
- added one No4 sniperkit at northern centre base
- removed ZF41 from silenced G43 specops kits
- added ZF41, smokepistol and binoculars to silenced K98 pickup kits
- added additional silenced K98 w/ ZF41 pickup kits at German bases
- added a FG42 / BAR 1918 pickup kit at barn spawnpoint of the West gate
- replaced normal pistol with silenced Walther on German Panzerschreck pickup kits
- changed silenced Sten pickup kit w/50 lbs to silenced M1 Carbine
- the allied counterpart of the axis StG44 sniperkit now is a silenced Greasegun with grenades and binoculars
- fixed fortification mortar pickup kits for both teams
- fixed fortification MG pickup kit for allies
- fixed/removed/replaced broken or bugged pickup kits in general
- removed the axis and allied super secret remote bomber kits that nobody ever knew about
- removed marker pistol of German officer spawnkit
- changed rnd pistol of German officer spawnkit to Browning Hi-Power
- added the missing smoke grenade on allied Mas 36 officer spawnkit
- changed German Mp40 satchel spawnkit to MG34 spawnkit
- globally reduced ammo amount of expacks to 2
- globally reduced ammo amount of landmines to 1


 So, I encountered a few crashes of my client during playtesting. Maybe my installation is responsible for this but I will share my experiences: My crashes mostly appear when I was close to the Hotel area where all these imported customized static objects are. As you may have noticed, shooting with a weapon against the structure of the 2 lower buildings flanking the main house causes no traces or hit feedback at all. There must be a missing hit feedback property on these statics meshes (don't have any knowledge of this subject 'though). Here is the thing. At least twice I was shooting with the 88mm gun of the broken Tiger against these walls and immediate crashes happened to me. Also once when dropping loads of bombs on the hotel area with one of the remote bomber kits (that's the reason why I removed them entirely from this map). I think it may have something to do with buggy or glitchy customized statics... but I'm not sure really. Major FPS slowdowns also happened when encountering the broken tiger tank. That thing is customized too since it shares a soldierspawnpoint for axis team.
Maybe unstable performances were the reason for the devs to not deal any longer with the map? That's certainly also the reason for the removal of Stashuv.
Well, these crashes haven't been frequent I must say... so let's hope that they do not spoil the enjoyment of the map (or better) are just an issue with my client (which could definitely be).
The reason why I deleted the extensive use of NS symbolism is because I don't know how to edit - and safe - .dds files with Photoshop. I can open them but not do any changes.
Originally I wanted to create a censored version and suggest the 'uncut' files for the S&T pack.
In the end I decided to remove them because I don't want to get this community mappack spoiled with stuff which normally doesn't appear in the uncostumized FHSW. Besides, I dont think that these textures add anything in particular to this map's appearance. Basically nothing of value is lost.
This map is pretty awesome and I'm glad it will return.
The map data now contains around 60,6 MB.

 EAGLES NEST 1945 The changelog:
- slightly increased render distance (fog density is the same)
- slightly increased axis tickets amount. Also a tiny bit on allied side
- added some textures from S&T pack
- added a few sandbag fortifications at Tunnel flag
- changed some soldier spawn positions at Axis Military Camp flag
- decreased radius of neutral Roads flag
- removed Jagdpanzer IV F from Axis Military Camp flag
- added Hetzer at Eagles Nest from start
- the Wespe spawns at Tunnel flag now
- replaced Stuka zu Fuß with normal Hanomag
- added truck spawner at Tunnel flag
- changed Hanomag spawn apc at Military Camp with Opel Blitz spawn apc (the one from Bastogne)
- changed Panzer IV J counterspawn to Panther G w/ rnd APCR
- changed Wirbelwind to Ostwind
- added Munitionspanzer spawn apc counterspawn at Eagles Nest when Tunnel gets taken
- changed Hanomag at Eagles Nest to Hanomag with towable PaK 38 w/ rnd APCR
- removed Panzer IV pillbox at Military Camp
- removed Wurfrahmen at Axis Military Camp
- added 2 Wurfrahmen at Tunnel flag
- removed mobile PaK 38 counterspawner at Tunnel flag
- BMW R75 at Eagles Nest already spawns in the beginning now
- changed Mp 40-II kits to Mp 40/II pickup kits w/ grenades and rnd smoke grenade
- replaced 5sec Satchel on axis satchel pickup kit with K98 AT rifle grenade
- changes Luger Artillerie on axis spawn kit to Browning Hi-Power
- changed a few axis Spawn kit descriptions to make more clear what the content is
- rearranged some axis vehicle spawn positions
- added Faust 100 pickup kits, Faustammo pickup kits and others at some places across the map (also new stuff in the red house)
- added 2 Brandfaust pickup kits at Eagles Nest
- changed M4A3 Sherman to M27 w/o APCR
- most allied vehicles now spawn when neutral Checkpoint flag is taken (at Main)
- removed Scott at Tunnel flag
- changed Thommygun pickup kits to Greasegun pickup kits
- added a few allied pickup kits at capturable bases
- allied Bazooka spawn class now has grenades
- removed 5sec Satchel on allied Thompson tankhunter spawnclass
- removed 1 B26 remote bomber pickup kit at allied Main (therefore respawntime decreased)
- edits on respawntimes for vehicles of all teams


I tried to balance the map a bit different now than originally intended. Back then the idea was that allied team have to start against a strong axis team but later on it will be easier to charge up on the Nest. Now it's more equal and axis Panther G acts like the "endboss" of the map. With the M27 allied team has a very fast powerful tank while axis got more AT tools for their infantry. Especially the - for the most part in FHSW - rare inclusion of Brandfaust kits and the new spawn apc could help defending the last base.

From my experiences the map has been well received by the audience on our server. No major heavy equipment is available though. For that we will always have Eagles_Nest-1946 and basically all other late war maps.

This level will get major visual edits on a different day for a different mappack. For now this shall be enough.
The map data now contains around 21,3 MB.

 SPURNING FATE-1945 Changelog:
-replaced 1 Jagdpanzer V at German main with E-25
-removed 1 Panzer IV H from Germain main
-replaced 1 Panzer IV H at main with Kingtiger (spawns when Farm is capped)
-replaced 1 T-34/85 at Rus main with T-44
-removed IS-3
-removed 1 ISU-152
-replaced 1 Panzer IV H at Lumberyard w/ Jadgpanzer IV
-added Pak 40 at Lumberyard
-added MG42/DP-1928 kits at Ruins, Lumberyard, & Farm
-added Panzerfaust 150/Captured Panzerfaust(Rus) and another Panzershreck at Manor & Farm
-added mortar kit at Farm
-reduced cap radius of all flags to 8 metres
-moved flag poles of Ruins, Manor, & Farm closer to the enterable buildings
-increased Panzershreck/Bazooka ammo to 4 rockets


I ended up making more changes than I expected. I vaguely remember the Russians dominating on this map, so I tried to rebalance it a little bit, but not so much as to unbalance it in the opposite direction. I have also tried to give infantry a better fighting chance against the tanks, giving more AT kits and making the flags more difficult to capture while in an armoured vehicle. Many of the flag's cap radii have been moved to contain enterable, multi-floored buildings, meaning infantry can now hunker down and hold out against tanks without having to expose themselves. This may seem pretty lame, but it means the tanks can't dominate the battlefield as much and have to rely on their friendly infantry to engage in house-clearing if they want to win. Or the Russians could just blow up the entire building with an ISU-152 :P

I'll be pretty busy for the next month or a bit, so I might not be able to work on maps and Sittang will have to wait. I'm wondering whether I should post the edited (full) map files in case someone else wants to build onto them or they need to be included in the next mappack release. I haven't made any other changes to Lilliput since my last post.
 They even stuck a sensor on an Stg-44:

Die Ziele und Zusammenfassung der Arbeit am FHSW Mappack von Xenanab könnt ihr hier nachlesen:

 Added (2017-04-12, 7:27 AM)
I Have an announcment to make.
My free time for mapping will come to an end in the next weeks and I don't want to postpone the mappack to late summer.

So I have made the decision to finish up Eagles Nest as soon as possible.
That means:

-> only new equipment balancing
-> NO new statics, changes on heightmap or other major level updates

I want to come back later to this map to completely redo its asthetics. But that will really happen at another point.

Also all maps must be ckecked with the new FHSW version 0.61. Although I don't believe there will be any problems, I am not going to include some of the additions in the maps I think.

And I will hereby step back to include:

- Stashuv Area (reason mentioned above)
- Operation Lilliput (this is too much work and in the end can be still a hit-and-miss situation)
- Zielona Gora (see op. Lilliput)
- Operation Blackknight

Blackknight is a very decent map but the reason for its unpopularity is in my opinion a poor flag layout that makes the gameplay pretty barren. I definitely want to rework this map but that won't happen in the next weeks.

So in the end I will conclude with Eagles_Nest-1945 so that we have a mappack with:

- Bastogne-1944
- Eagles_Nest-1945
- Fall_Gelb-1940
- fht_golf_hotel-1944
- Ocean_Town
- The_Attack_on_Carentan-1944
- Zveroboy

These are 7 potential maps that are suitable for our server.

An addition of this mappack could be made later with maps like

- rebuild of Eagles Nest 1945
- these 2 Polish maps
- Operation Blackknight
- This new fht map I have access to
- maybe Zielona Gora and Operation Lilliput
- a good train map (rebuild of Stashuv e.g)
- and more

You will hear from me in the next 2 weeks I think. I am currently busy with other things. 

FHSW 0.61 + more: Download's

FHSW 0.61 Mappack Part 1: Download



Wir können echt stolz darauf sein, dass es noch soviele kleinere und größere Battlefield 1942 Mod Communities gibt, die daran interessiert sind, dass dieses großartige Spielerlebnis für uns alle erhalten bleibt. "Alte Liebe rostet nicht", so sprach der Volksmund. Wir Leben das gemeinsam.

 Quelle: fhsw-europ.ucoz.de

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