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Donnerstag, 1. Juni 2017

SuperDC: v2.30 in work!

Some people missed the ingame screenshots in our previous Super DC (SDC) news. Now we have some fresh new beautiful screenshots created by the developer bbfplayer for you!

More facts to the Changelog update about the next comming Super DC v2.30:
-new makarov texture
-new spas15 texture
-new f88 texture
-some new water textures
-added bot support to some bf42 maps (now porting to sdc)
-2 new russian soldiers texture
-XM2001_Crusader from ics vietnam to usa merc.

bbfplayer create beautiful compare screenshots between real and game:












Beautiful Soldier Uniforms! And nice French Leclerc Battle tank, its not often on a Map in this Mod. Its a special to find out, on which Map the Leclerc tank is? Come inside, test and play this Mod. And you will be find the Leclerc Battle tank.

1.) Desert Combat 0.7 (Requested to play): Download

2.) SuperDC v2.2 link: https://yadi.sk/d/hsQ_JcDj3EF4f8

 Alternate Torrent link: click here

 Some people tell us, the seed and Download didnt works right at the moment. But dont worry Fans. We want to fix it soon. "bbfplayer" wants to make the Seeds for the Torrent, after then its useable.And we want to uploaded on a FTP Server for you, because "Brian Horrocks" one of the players and testers complain about the yandex and torrent download source. Stay tuned on our news blog and download area, Tell your friends and community, to give us a chance to alive in this big gaming world. Its some culture and idenity what we could beware with your help! Be one of the part of the BF  1942 Community heroes! Be a Battlefield 1942 Community hero!

We have a Question to you bbfplayer:

  could you seperate the german and French Forces to the Euro Forces on some maps? And done some maps with the french and german forces as Euro Forces together? This would be a dream for some fans. The Models looking beautiful. All your added Nations making fun to play. We say thank you bbfplayer for SuperDC v2.30 the best Desert Combat and best Modern Warfare Mod in Battlefield 1942!

Tell your friends about the SuperDC Mod and share it to your community please! Super DC requesting Desert Combat 0.7 to play. You know that by the FHSW mod it needs the Forgotten Hope 0.7 Mod to play. There is the same way like here in the result. You have a basic brother and a new created sister Mod, and they works only together. Thats why we are called SuperDC and FHSW mod mods.


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Weiter so machen

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I try download, but no seeds

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I hope work wine-linux?

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