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Dienstag, 5. September 2017

Galactic Conquest v8.2: Mod Release

It's now late in the summer, we just have a good news for all the future and Star Wars fans outside the world which read our Battlefield 1942 blog, share and follow it.  
Posi the main Developer and one of the Leaders in the Moongamers 1942 Community spending an update for us the Players.
After the last "Conquest Mode" Release more than two years and eight month ago and two years after the seperate Singleplayer "COOP" Release  the Galactic Conquest Mod get an update v8.2.
We just celebrate it now with you. But that's not all, the v9.0 is actually in Building for the Fans!

 Release movie to Galactic Conquest v8.2:

Only two steps to join ingame online, as new player (Step 1 and 2), or one step (Step 2) as a usuall BF 1942 Mod Player or Veteran.

1.) "The Basic" as new Player, Gametester, Follower or Reader with Manual / Mac OS support / Fully patched: Download

2.) Galactic Conquest v8.2 (08/2017): Download  

We have collect a developer statement (GC Dev "Posi") on the battlefieldsingleplayer.com Community for you now it folows:

For Galactic Conquest 8.1 Players

Advanced users with Galactic Conquest 8.1 previously installed can download a zipped folder named 'mods' and manually place it in the following directory for a shorter download.
[[ C:\Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\Battlefield 1942 ]]. Choose Copy and Replace!

2b.) Galactic Conquest v8.1 to v8.2 Patch: Download 

Or the way for the lazy Galactic Conquest 8.1 Players, there is the Galactic Conquest 8.2 Full Installer , will

2c.) Overwrite your Calactic Conquest 8.1: Download

Some of the improvements include..

Revised nearly every texture in the mod, bringing them more in line with the films and other source material.

Revised the way the lighting reacts to many model surfaces.

Updated the RED laser bolt effects to more closely match the films.

Added dynamic shadows to many vehicles/buildings that were missing them.

Enabled Environment Mapping (reflections) on many textures.

Updated the spark effects to bring them more in line with the films.

Adjusted the internal camera position for all "TIE" type vehicles. ( Requested by playerbase )

Added Mass to ATST , no longer bounces on collisions.

Official Facebook Page of the Galactic Conquest Mod and Moongamers Leading Developer: click here

The first official event for Galactic Conquest 8.2 has been set.

We have set a scrimmage event with the forgotten honor group. This sets two teams in motion to gather a fundamental player base.  

Galactic Conquest v8.2 Event details: click here

Next step of the Galactic Conquest Mod

If you are a fan of Galactic Conquest this is the type of event you want to make a point to share and join. We hope to draw video from the event for Trailer Release footage on Galactic Conquest 9.0 , which will have the updated graphics with more refinements and new content including entirely new maps: click here

5pm EST / 10pm GMT

1942mods server


Source: battlefieldsingleplayer.com


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