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Freitag, 3. November 2017

BF 1942: (DLH) Berlin Map in memory of DLH!

Hi random person reading this post,
First of all you have a nice day...
I created a new map DLH Berlin.. In the memory of Late Cédric sir aka Devil Left hand (DLH) Basically it is a modified Berlin map with snow HD texture and extended to other part of city!
:- 5 Points of axis (defend)
First 2 is in 1st city other 3 is in 2nd city
In which the last one is in iconic Castle of berlin... (Realistic)
:- 4 tanks to axis 4 tanks to allied
:- one one APC to each team..
:- Some vrooms
:- Underground routes for engineer and snicker I will release it soons 

:- Condolences to his family, friends we miss you buddy,, pls forgives my team kill R.I.P. "Devil left hand" 1974-2017 




Special thanks to
:- Black mamba aka Diamondback


Autor: Capt price

Source: team-simple.org

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