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Freitag, 5. Januar 2018

Battlefield 1918 v3.2 Preview: A Tsar among Tanks

With the Holiday season officially here, the Battlefield 1918 development team would like to provide everyone the gift of a news update concerning an often requested vehicle that will be added in the new V3.2 update.

Greetings everyone, we here from the Battlefield 1918 development team wish you all a merry Christmas, and hope to provide you with a news update regarding a much requested vehicle that will be arriving in update V3.2, the mighty Tsar Tank.

As amazing as it may seem, the Tsar Tank did actually exist as a prototype during the early stages of World War I. It was built and tested from the fall of 1914 to the late summer of 1915 by the Russian army. Unfortunately, the design was abandoned due to problems including the fact that the sheer size of this mammoth made it easy to hit by enemy artillery and the fact that the rear wheel tended to get stuck in muddy conditions.

Indeed, players will find that this tank is an utter behemoth compared to most land vehicles in the game, and the height of it also makes it especially difficult to hide in the middle of the battlefield. However; the Tsar tank more than makes up for this by its firepower, as players will find it equipped with a forward facing cannon as well as 2 additional cannons mounted in side sponsons. In addition, the Tsar tank also boasts a machine gun mounted in a fully rotating turret on its underbelly, as well as an additional rear facing machine gun mounted at the back of the crew compartment.

While all this is quite impressive, one question still remains. How exactly do players enter this behemoth of a tank. Well the Tsar tank features a door on the rear that can be opened or closed by the crew, and players can easily climb up the back of the tank to reach it.

This not only allows for those wishing to crew the tank to enter, it also gives additional utility to this vehicle as well. Imagine a dozen or so infantry riding in this tank, safe from bullets and much like modern APCs, only to dismount and begin fighting right at the door step of the enemy trench!

With this update, we hope that the quality of this particular news update more than makes up for the lack of quantity specifically as we are only showcasing one new vehicle today. In any case, we hope that you continue to enjoy the holidays with your loved ones, take care.

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Author: ACE1918

Source: moddb.com

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