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Sonntag, 21. Januar 2018

Battlefield Vietnam Punkbuster Solution!

Battlefield Vietnam Punkbuster Solution and for more Retro Games!!!

1.) Got the PBSETUP.EXE from the official Evenbalance, after then start it for once. Because after then the tool setup load the missing files "pbuser.htm" and "pbgame.htm" from the internet.

2.) Close PBSEtup and open pbgame.htm with your "Notepad" program.

3.) Delete the content and copy and paste the following text in red colour!

4.) Save the text file and close your "Notepad" program after then.

5.) Just make a "right" click to -> pbgame.htm -> Properies and just make a -hook- on "write protect".

6.) Start your "PBSETUP.exe", click on "ADD GAME" after then add your Battlefield Vietnam.

    # Latest versions of pbsetup
    pbsetup_ver w 38
    pbsetup_ver l 20
    pbsetup_ver k 32
    pbsetup_ver m 13

    # NOTE: eula_md5 made by using md5tool with offset 0 and length 0
    eula_md5 C418C70D3ECB3E02B15649B40602DE8D

    # MD5's of the executable programs
    pbsetup_md5 w 102432051033c831d3243987749b1a1f
    pbsetup_md5 l 33B3CFAC07A6EFEECE61A81C4B3ED1F2 288F7CBFAEEB167F5C2E44291CB7AF4A
    pbsetup_md5 m 15225F100AD3B10A9D1CE65FBD20E55B
    pbsetup_md5 k 71C399BDE975600ACC5DA3E6C8918F2C B0584828030D9EBFF4CD575706CC63BC

    # PB supported games
    game aav3 "America's Army Version 3"
    game pg "America's Army: Proving Grounds"
    game apb "APB Reloaded"
    game brapb "APB (Brazil Edition)"
    game bf2 "Battlefield 2"
    game bf2142 "Battlefield 2142"
    game bf3 "Battlefield 3"
    game bf4 "Battlefield 4"
    game bfp4f "Battlefield Play4Free"
    game bc2 "Battlefield Bad Company 2"
    game bfv "Battlefield Vietnam"
    game blr "Blacklight Retribution"
    game heroes "Battlefield Heroes"
    game fc3 "Far Cry 3"
    game fearpm "F.E.A.R.: Perseus Mandate"
    game grfs "Ghost Recon Future Soldier"
    game moh "Medal of Honor"
    game wf "Medal of Honor Warfighter"
    game hos "Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad"
    game bfh "Battlefield Hardline"

    game_os aav3 w l
    game_os pg w
    game_os apb w
    game_os brapb w
    game_os bf2 w l k
    game_os bf2142 w l k
    game_os bfp4f w
    game_os bf3 w
    game_os bf4 w
    game_os bc2 w
    game_os bfv w l k
    game_os blr w
    game_os fc3 w
    game_os heroes w
    game_os grfs w
    game_os moh w
    game_os wf w
    game_os hos w
    game_os bfh w

    # Possible game locations

That"s it retro gaming bro's, please share it to your Communities and Social Networks, help each other to come back Online and play the Vietnam side of Battlefield short BFV or another retro game! 

 Fun movie created by "mistamontiel":

Ein paar schöne Emote Icons von den Battlefield 1942 Supportern Gau-Gamers.de:




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