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Mittwoch, 14. März 2018

BF 1942 Mod: RF Autumn Map

Summary (moddb.com): 

Raised Fist mod is an infantry only mod I started back in 2014 because I think we do not have enough of these in Battlefield 1942. I had a break of about a year and a half caused by school and other things, and have only recently started working on the mod again. I have had the immense luck and pleasure of finding some very talented mappers and modders to help me release v0.6 of the mod.
It is pretty sad that most big mods start as small infantry only conversion and branch out into full fledged total conversion mods, such was the case for Eve of Destruction. A few BF1942 mods such as FragField really know how to stay true to the infantry only aspect of the game.
Our vision of Raised Fist is to always keep it infantry only. Vehicles will never be added to the mod. If you would like to use some of the maps of Raised Fist to make your own mod conversion, please send me a PM on ModDB and I will get back to you when I can.
Here is the list of things which have been fixed and added since the last version of the mod, v0.5:
- Updated all Raised Fist loading screens. The new loading screens and load bars were made by Texafornian
- Three new maps have been added to the four previous ones: rf_pitch_black (made by Jim2102), rf_oasis (made by Texafornian) and rf_hellhouse (made by Black Mamba)

Raised Fist v0.6 brings more content to this infantry only mod conversion with new game modes, new maps, a better game UI + menu interface, new textures, and a whole lot more awesome features for you to discover!

RF Raised Fist Atumn Map: Download








 Source: moddb.com

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