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Samstag, 13. April 2019

Battlefield 1918: Bots incoming v3.2!

Today the Battlefield 1918 dev team is proud to announce that 3.2 will not only be adding new maps with bot support, but we will also be adding bots to some of the existing maps as well!

Um auch ein Mitspieler zu werden benötigt ihr:

1.) The Basic - für neue Spieler oder Tester, die sich von der Magie des Spiels und der Mod anstecken lassen wollen: Download

2.) Battlefield 1918 v3.1 Part 1-3: Download

Original News aus moddb.com, verfasst von dem Battlefield 1918 Mod - Entwickler  ACE1918:

Greetings and welcome to another news update regarding Battlefield 1918. We are happy to announce that we will indeed be adding more bot support to Battlefield 1918 in the form of new maps! Today we will have a look at 2 of the new maps that will include this much requested feature! A special thanks to Andrey15 for taking the pics you will see today!
The first map to look at today is one of our newest, the Battle of Cer! Inspired by the historical Battle of the same name, the Battle of Cer sees the Kingdom of Serbia and the Empire of Austria-Hungary fight in one of their first major battles in 1914. This engagement would ultimately see the first notable victory for the Entente powers during the war.




The other new map that we will have a look at is none other than Galician Fields. Set during the Battle for Galicia, also known as the Battle of Lemberg, this map features the Russian empire against once again Austria-Hungary in the first year of the war. The Battle for Galicia would see the Tsar's army claim a victory against the forces of the Dual Monarchy.


That is all the news for new maps, but for players wanting more I am also happy to announce that due to public demand the 1918 dev team will also be adding bot support to some existing maps as well. The first of the returning maps we will showcase today is Masurian Lakes. Set during the 2nd infamous battle of the same name during the bitterly cold month of February 1915, this map features the Russian Empire defending against the might of the Kaiser's armies. Players may notice that in addition to the bots, this map now features new weather effects in the form of snowfall.




Of course this isn't the only returning map to receive the upgrade of bot support, fans may now also look forward to news regarding another beloved map today, as Monte Piana will receive bot support in the 3.2 update as well! Set amidst the scenic Dolomite mountains in Italy, Monte Piana was hotly contested between the Kingdom of Italy and Austria-Hungary throughout the war.


We hope that you found this news to be to your liking, but before we end this news update we are pleased to announce that a new trailer has also been uploaded to announce this news as well. We may have slipped a few other features into it as well. In any case please stay tuned for further news!

Autor: ACE1918

Quelle: moddb.com

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Torquemada hat gesagt…

Great job on the Bots, my idea was to get Bots on al Stationary weapons , once the Bots get killed , they don t respawn.
For Example on Charlie Omaha WW2, all German Stationary positions get manned by Bots , once they get killed, they don't Respawn, or some position respawn 2x or 3x.
So U could play these maps Single Player more realistic, or in CooP.
Greetings !

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