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Sonntag, 25. Januar 2015

Forgotten Hope: =PFC= "UP IN THE AIR" event!

Hi all fans of the Forgotten Hope 0.7 Mod.
On Pixel Fighter starts a new event at next Sunday 1 February for you.
Start is 7pm CET till open end.

Server: Pixel-Fighter.com FH/RANKED
Server IP:

If do you want to support the community, or interest for modding click here!

Forgotten Hope 0.7:  Download

Maps required Download:

 If you don't find a server in your gamespy browser dont worry. There is the solution Patch for your old bf1942.exe.

Download: bf1942.exe Origin or bf1942.exe CD Spieler

You need at first the basic game BF 1942 –> 1.61 Patch (only if you have the release 2002 edition) –> Online Patch 161b (Anthology) –> team-simple.org/download/bf1942-v1.61-origin-patched.zip (thats for find back the server in your Browser, fix your widescreen, and give compatibility to Win 7/8 Users) –> go in the bf1942 folder and overwrite the old bf1942.exe with the new one –> right click on the Desktop BF 1942.exe –> Properties –> compatibility –> set start as Win 1998 (v) and as Admin (v) –> click ok thats it you are back again online!

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