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Donnerstag, 29. Januar 2015

Interstate 82 present "the first challenge" & "Buggy Battle II" map!

There are actually news from the Interstate 82 Mapping Crew.
The guy's WiDeOeR & GDTDII has made "the first challenge" map.
It is a nice fun parcour with a view on the alps.
If do you like this map and want to play on the Interstate 82 Server: Download

The second Map "Buggy Battle II" (Revised & Revisited)  is made by b_w, Reegad & the Modding Community.
If do you like them: Download

There is a Interstate 82 full installer for this mod: Download
Best play time for this mod is 00am CET in the morning.
The community of this mod is there: Forum
Leave your comment or feedback there or here?

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