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Donnerstag, 8. Dezember 2016

Battlefieldf 1942 comic artist by AgnusMcLeod

Today we want to present to you the 12 pages small "Battlefieldf 1942" comic created by the team arround of "AngusMcLeod". It is made as Hommage for the great mod able game Battlefield 1942. The team around of "AgnusMcLeod" released this comic in 2006. "Agnus McLeod" is a Freelance artist Illustrator. He came from good old Canada.  The Maple Leaf is the symbol of the nation. We will hope you enjoy the slightly different news in our blog.



Battlefieldf 1942
by AngusMcLeod in 2011
Cartoons & Comics / Traditional Media / Comics / Pages
First page of the comic I started last year. This looks better than the original comic. Originally in french, I had to edit the text, hope it won't ruin the humor. My scanner is old and scan poorly, so it looks crappy compared to the original. But it's still good, so have fun, read and comment!


Allies (Americans)
-Mon Chien Roger (My Dog Roger)
-colonel max trud (inspired by my friend's name in Battlefield :) hey Max, youre famous now!)
CPU named: Kenny Simpson

Axis (Germans)
-Wayne_Campbell (Wayne's World :D)

Battlefield copyright owners blah blah

Source: http://angusmcleod.deviantart.com/art/Battlefieldf-1942-37815126, bf42-liga.de

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