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Montag, 13. April 2015

BF 1942 Mod: WEITM v1.5 Release!


News of the 21st century, "What Even Is This Mod" (WEITM v1.5)!

Anarchy! Mayhem! Holy crap, look at the size of that turret! "What Even Is This Mod?" Is made by Mirage521. It teaches a very old dog new tricks. Cars will fly, The Force will be used, and that thing with the really big head will get flung across the map with the slightest touch. Oh, did I mention flying submarines, infinite ammo, and a custom soundtrack?

Download "WEITM v1.5" Mod: click

NOTE: THIS IS THE ENTIRE INSTALLATION, WHICH IS MEANT TO RUN ON A STANDALONE BASIS. THAT IS WHY IT'S SO BIG. A readme file is included, which will guide you through the steps necessary to use this mod. Changes include some balance fixes, a few geometry modifications, a new sound effect (more will be added in the next update), a soundtrack composed entirely by me, a new intro, and a new main menu background video.

There is a movie of the "WEITM v1.5" Mod:

Mirage tell us:
To the people whose questions went unanswered: I'd kinda forgotten about this mod after its initial release, as I wasn't expecting anything big to come of it. Alas, that was not the case; I was recently contacted by Indies Crash E3 about the potential for it being brought to a booth at E3. As such, I re-opened this delicious can of worms and began working overtime on it. Changes include the following:
- A soundtrack that I made myself
- A customized firing sound for the K98 rifles and the Blackmedal's horn
- Reworked German and Allied assault rifles so Russia isn't ludicrously OP anymore
*Note: ARs can no longer destroy tanks.
- Reworked K98 and No.4 to have uniquely ridiculous performance traits
- Added a self-made background video for the main menu
- Changed a few geometries around for maximum stupidity
- Reworked the MP18 into basically a Force lead-beam (with a complimentary Pez dispenser!)
More changes to come! V2 will (hopefully) feature a customized UI and new loading screens!

Source: moddb.com

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