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Mittwoch, 24. Juni 2015

SuperDC v2.02 new Demo Release June 2015!

Hi Guys, we want to present you the 2nd Demo Release from the Super DC v2.02 Mod.

They have the potential to be lot of better than another DC Modern Warfare Mods in BF1942.
This mod bet COOP support.
Because this mod bring the best together in the year 2015.
The guy "bbfplayer" do an excellent job for made the best modern Warfare mod for us, the players!
Some Textures and bugs actually not fixed in this Demo. Playable fractions are Afghanistan, Russia, Great Britain, USA, Turkmenistan, Rebells, Euro Forces.
You have on this Demo different maps and different vehicles, for example the main battle tank of french Leclerc, from US Abrams-Bradley, from germany Leopard-Marder-Dingo, from russia T 81, from vietnam war T 54, from the UK Challenger 2, and many more vehicles waiting for you.
Super DC has a few modern ships like Kyznetsov, Akula Submarine (DCX Mod) and Boxer.

Super DC v2.02 Demo update June 2015: Download

"bbfplayer" tell us about some facts, what he do in the last weeks.
 And he need some helping hands to finished this "-standard mesh material id for some tanks !!!(need help with this)!!!"
Please visit the battlefieldsingleplayer Forum to contact "bbfplayer".

He tell about , "that the smerch has some fire deviation, but it shows great effective (it has big explosion radius), and kashtan too."
He made a spawnpoint on the kashtan map and edit the "ai.con file", so bots does't left kashtan weapon system, they do her job in this Flak weapon.

He don't like when most of defend weapons are empty (bots does't use them). Now he have 2 kashtans - for team 1 (red) and 2 (blue) with ai spawnpoints.
He has (UK vs Russia) testing stationary mgs, aa with spawnpoints.

At next he have to do:
-more vehicles
-more maps
-some ai fixes (aspecially for handweapons) step by step.

For now "bbfplayer" dont know how to edit material id with 3ds max and its a big problem for him.
If do you have skills please contact him into the forums battlefieldsingleplayer.com?

The mod Super DC already has the AC 130. First of all he have to edit the B2 and TU22M bombers. B2 has something like moab ore nuke bomb.

The next new features, what find the way in this mod is:


Check the new ingame pictures:


explow effects


The Leo 2 A4 have now the MG3


Dingo have a Grenade Pistol

At last "bbfplayer" found weather FX (rain . snow) , cloud system made by "Apache Thunder". Winter fog from the Solnetschnogorsk Map.
Now he seaching for sand storm?!
But there is a problem in SuperDC, the coop\singleplayer mod so he need to edit weapons ai (weaponTemplate.maxRange) for all (fog,snow dust) levels ore game with bots will be not interesting he think.

Snow effect test

Fog Test

New vehicle explosion effects


SuperDC v2.02 demo test

in demo
-new vehicles
-new maps
-some ai edit
-ai for AA, AT with spawnpoints

not done
-more maps
-more vehicles
-ai for handweapons
-standard mesh material id for some tanks !!!(need help with this)!!!
-b2 , tu22m not finished
-operation husky crashes


superDC - base mod

Other materials were taken from:

Battlefield 1942 mods

-Global Front
-Flashpoint Balkans 42
-Who Dares Wins
-action bf

battlefield vietnam



-Apache Thunder


-Apache Thunder
-Classical Modder

What do you think about german EU and french EU army?
I want to tell the nice modder "bbfplayer", thank you to notice us in your credits. We are proud about it. Thumbs up for you!

Source: battlefieldsingleplayer.com

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