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Samstag, 20. Juni 2015

FinnWars 1918 search Beta Tester

FinnWars 1918 is a mini-modification for the FinnWars-mod developed by one guy, "Ruuga". FinnWars 1918 is set in the times of bloody Finnish Civil War, spring of 1918. Mod adds many new weapons to the BF42 and FinnWars like Mosin Nagant M/91 (the original Mosin Nagant), Arisaka Type 38, Berdan II, Mauser M1916, Mosin Nagant M/07 (The first Mosin-Nagant carbine), Stielhandgranate M/1917, M/1914 grenade and many more. The added features wont stop just to the new weapons. He is planning to add new vehicles and props. The mod also will have a unique teamwork-based gameplay system. "Ruuga" created this mod to break boundaries of BF42 modding.

This mod has been under constant development from the beginning of this year. (Not always in an active development. "Ruuga" was busy in beginning of 2015)

He have planned to release the first public alpha/beta version week or two before the independence day of Finland, 6.12.2015 Every independence day, dozens of Finns (usually about little over a hundred) gather up to play FinnWars. He planning to add this mod to the server alongside FinnWars to get some players.

Here are some screenshots: (Click them for a larger image)

Arisaka Type 38
Berdan II (A seriously unfinished Austin 3rd series armoured car)
Mauser M/1916
The banderoll translates to "Give rights for the oppressed!" (Not literally but I couldn't figure out a better translation)

Maxim M/1905 first person inside Austin's tower
Maxim M/1905 in third person.
I'm also making an encyclopedia for FinnWars 1918. It contains the basic information about Finnish Civil War and it's weapons.

 Mosin Nagant M/07 Carbine
Unfinished spawn-menu. The kit limitations can be changed in every map. I'm also planning to remake the whole ingame hud. (I've already made new ticket-text in the corner)

 Stielhandgranate M/1917


I'm planning to make the gameplay as unique as possible. I want this mod to stand out of other BF42 mods. Gameplay will be heavily teamwork based and there are no automatic weapons excluding machine guns. Machine guns will be "throwable" stationary-weapons that need two players for effective use. One player from the machine gun-unit shoots and the other one throws ammo-boxes. The ammo-thrower gets an unusual or a good weapon to balance his "boring" role. An MG shooter won't survive alone cause he only has a machine gun (that can not be shot without throwing it on the ground first) and a knife. The assistant has a gun which he can use to protect the machine gunner. Also to reload his MG alone, the shooter has to pick up the MG and throw it again which is way more irritating than having a partner who throws ammo for you.

Another interesting aspect of the mod is limited kits. Yes, if you know how to mod BF42 you can be a cheeky cheater and bypass the kit limits, but cheaters weren't a problem in FinnWars (which has kit limitations). So I don't believe that the cheaters will be a problem in this mod either. I'm sure that the possible cheaters will be easily caught if they continously take the kits that have reached their limit.
Also the kit limits, unlike in FinnWars, can be manipulated in every single map.


I'm not a skilled 3D artist. Especially working with the textures is an overwhelming job for me so I've now used mostly placeholder textures for my models. I don't plan to make models that are the best of BF42 mods. I accept the quality I can produce myself.
Surprisingly I am most proud of my work with the menu-files. I can't recall any mods that have changed the menu as radically as I have. (Counting the encyclopedia and ingame-menu). It's really tedious to edit the menu-files because the editor basically works like a linear-editing software. If you change or add someting in the middle of the file, it often messes up the rest of the file. So I've had to make a lot of elements to the menus from scratch.

I have no experience on creating sound effects so I have to use sounds from BF42 and FinnWars. Rest of the sounds I have to get from a public domain sound effects -site. If I manage to find a sound effect designer who works for free, this mod may have it's own unique sound effects.


If you are interested in working with this project and have some skills that can help enhance this mod, I welcome you. I really need a texture artist and a sound designer but if you are a talented modeler or coder, come on board.
I'm currently developing this mod alone but I have an internet-friend who is also interested in Finnish Wars (and in BF42) and he seems to know almost everything from the 20th century Finland so I usually use him as a consultant.

Also I'm searching for map makers. I'm really strict about historical accuracy in this mod so the mapper wont get a completely free hands in mapping. I don't mean that every map has to be based on a real battle. I'm just saying that I wont let every map to have an armoured car or tens of airplanes. Those vehicles were extremely rare in Finnish Civil War.

If you don't have any mod developing skills and want to participate in this project, don't worry! You can be a beta tester! I need some experienced BF42-players to test this mod for bugs and to give feedback and ideas.

I thank you for your interest. I'm open to all kind of feedback and suggestions.

Autor and FinnWars 1918 developer: Ruuga 

Source and discussion Topic: bfmods.com


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