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Montag, 15. Juni 2015

Stunts Mod 0.2e + Maps Release

After being gone from the Classic Battlefield Community for a good 8 Years "RoadKill" decided to install it again last week. The urge
all started when
"RoadKill" stumbled across Reegads Modding Stream on Twitch by accident...

"RoadKill" decided to dig through corners of the internet websites to find his good old Stunt maps StuntVilla 3, Stunt Island and Stunt Islands 2.
And it seems
"RoadKill" managed to find them along with the Stunts Mod 0.2e!"RoadKill" isn't sure how many of you are familiar with Classic Battlefield Stunting and Expacking, but have a look at some of the Stunt Movies.

Stunt Server Package -- [154 MB ]


"RoadKill" want this BACK!... No Movies, just the playing fun we had back then for a couple of hours, "RoadKill" say... He can just host his own.
Little Non-Dedicated Server like back in the day for 12 people or so.

All you guys would need is the package below.

There are some ingame pictures from the Stunt Island 2 and Stuntvilla 3 maps, please enjoy:


Stunts Mods 0.2e
Stunt Inc. 1.0a
StuntVilla 2
StuntVilla 3
Stunt Islands
Stunt Islands 2
All Vanilla Maps

(the Stunt Maps are also featured in the videos above)

Let me know below what you think...Yay or Nay...

Source, Developer "Roadkill" and Topic:  Interstate 82 Community

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