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Dienstag, 17. Mai 2016

Battlefield 1942 "Chopper Coral" Fun Map.

Today we want to get back to the roots to present you a new Battlefield 1942 Fun Map. The Map what we want talk about is "Chopper Coral", based on the original BF 1942 "Coral Sea" Map. The information about this map gives us "bud" from the "team-simple.org" community there: click
Who is the creator of this map? We don't know it. But you have 3 flag spots. This mod is only playable in "CONQUEST" online or "create a game" menu. You have two choppers and two planes on both sides. We think it is funny to make a mix between the old and the actually war.

"Time for some Chopper carnage", bud said!

Chopper Coral for BF 1942: Download
Unzip if necessary and put the map (file ending .rfa) in your levels folder: ..\Battlefield 1942\Mods\bf1942\Archives\bf1942\levels\

Source: team-simple.org


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