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Samstag, 7. Mai 2016

Interstate 82 icons and more


Interstate 82 icons and more!

The Modder "Reegad" from the "Interstate 82" Mod Community had to make custom icon's for bf1942 to fit the rest of his desktop, thought he'd shareit to each other fans in the Community.
He using large icons because he sometimes use his TV as monitor for games and movies.

Here's the full-sized icons (just save them and assign them as icon to your bf1942 and bc42 them as icon to your bf1942 and bc42 shortcuts).

The is82 mod team still working beyond just off Interstate 82 mod. For most once new maps, which are then played together in themed events appear during the quarter. Special treat this year will be the all day Christmas event. More on this later when the news is out. Usually the mod evening from 00 o'clock (Berlin time) is played witching hour. This behavior occurs because most gambling fans come on the server from North and South America. The IS 82 guys make's great movies about the mod and put them here: Click  in their own YouTube channel.

All what you need to play Interstate 82 Online, you will find here. You can choose the full installer (5500MB) it content's the most of the custom maps. The advantage of the full installer is, you have the most of the maps and the mod, and don't need to download them all anymore. 

Or you choose only the basic is82 Mod (393MB), the advantage is, you can download seperate the actually requesting mappack manual for the event.  

Choose your favourite:

4.) Download is82 Full Installer included custom maps(5500MB)

3.) Download Interstate 82 only the Mod without custom maps(393MB)

2.) Download bf1942.exe to find back Server!

1.) Download Battlefield 1942(865MB)

So much for today, hope you enjoy the report has brought.
Hope you let yourself out the overlook server?


"GoodDayToDie" a developer of the Interstate 82 Mod said: "This is version 2 of my WIP Board Game. I have been working on this since February 2014. Version 4 is almost done."

1st Look at Interstate 82 Deathrace the Board Game

Source: bf1942.mods.com & is82.com

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