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Dienstag, 22. November 2016

Battlefield 1942 Tournement Mod: 21 CW!


Today we want to present you a news about the not so well known mod 21st Century Warfare in the Battlefield 1942 world. With the helping hand from one of the devs [SE]e-3 we created this news. 21st CW is not really an usual mod. It's like a Tournement mod you know Forgotten Honor Tournament. FHT created some Battlefield 1942 Mod battles for example FH, FHSW, Battlefield 1918. Actually the FHT FHSW Campaign runs. But we go back to our 21cw News.
It contains a lot of custom maps and add ons.
There is an admin car on the custom "Bocage Day4" map (created by [SE]e-3) what we had tested (Download the Bocage Day 4 custom map at our links end of the news), before we get the 21cw mod. It was only for the admin to run around the battlefield to check on players if they break any rules like a teacher on the field.
It was not allowed to kill an admin on 21cw at the live gaming action (The Admin looks for a clean battle).

Small history of the 21cw Mod: 

When he ([SE]e-3) played back 2004 he was known as E-3 playing on axis side team.
In 2005 was the BF 2 release and 21cw moved to BF 2. After that they moved to BF 3, BF 4, Arma and now are near dead.
As it was only a Tournament on BF 3, BF 4 and not had custom maps, mods as it once had on BF 1942 or BF 2.
[SE]e-3 never moved to BF 2 because he didn't like unlocks in ganes.  He have got a new DVD of BF 2 but he never used to play, he said. Call him weird, but he isn't a fan of unlocks in games and thats it.
Pay to win, DLC and Microtransactions so don't like any new games at all as they all have it.

Here are some 21cw videos, you get a idea what it use to be:

The official  tournament website:

Thank you [SE]e-3 and your community: http://survivalclan.tk/ for the news, movies, download, sources, without you we have'nt the chance to get this great mod of the began in BF 1942 in 2004.

21 CW:

21 CW Custom Maps CQ und SP mixed:

Bocage Day 4 Bonus Map (created by Se-E3: https://docs.google.com/uc?id=0B7cGjW31oHh8UUQwamRsWGF3QUU&export=download

Source: Se-E3


Alte Schule hat gesagt…

So, ich habe mir die Battlefield 1942 Trilogie für 0,49€ gekauft und die nächsten Tage sollte es da sein. Dann nur noch ein Paar Mod`s ziehen hier bei dir und es kann los gehen. ;)
LG, Tjaden. :)

[HG] - Administrator hat gesagt…

Willkommen zurück.:-) regelmäßig abends wird noch FH, FHSW, Desert combat gespielt. Aber auch bf1918, battlegroup42 und EoD haben noch einen Server. Für BF 1918 könnte neuer Inhalt erscheinen zumindest arbeitet eine russische Gruppe mit Cicero zusammen. Der alte gamespy Browser funktioniert auch wieder, wenn du deine bf1942.exe patchst. Wenn du Hilfe brauchst, dann gib Bescheid? Werde dann für dich da sein.

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