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Freitag, 18. November 2016

FinnWars 1.82 Independence Day 6th dec 2016

Independence day continues 2016 with the already traditional way to fill the Battlefield 1942 's FinnWars-an internal combustion engine of the mediatraffic server. During the 6th year, probably for the last time updated FinnWars is a modern Finnish the power struggles of the second world war, the Finns, cobbled together in a mod. Excerpt published in 2004 is that independence day able to attract the old battles of the old hands to the new-so again this year. We put two movies in this news from the last year Independence Day on the FinnWars 1.82 Mediatraffic Server.

6.12. is traditionally the day when FinnWars in oldies, old and new players come together at the same time to play FinnWarsia. Tomorrow matches will be played with the latest version or version 1.82. The servers have at least one, 42-seat official FinnWars-server.

On this hg-clan.plusboard.de blog you will find links top of the left side the "Download Pool 2016" entry. Click to get download the latest FinnWars 1.82 Full Version and more from the collecting list.

You can get it here Jason and the other buddies FinnWars 1.82 Full there: Download

Sometimes you find the Server Mediatraffic FinnWars 1.82. The Finnish people play this mod usually most to her Independence Day at 6 dec. Best you go to the server at 5pm CET, its the best time to meet some players there or to get some players.









Here is the server scala of players mark in hours:


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