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Montag, 14. November 2016

Gloria Victis FH 0.7 News: New guns come!


PFT is working hard - new guns come! The polish 75 mm field gun and light Feldhaubitze 105 mm.

Yes! New maps are coming and before we will release them, here are new photos!

The 75 mm wz. 1897 Schneider

The French 75 mm field gun was a quick-firing field artillery piece adopted in March 1898.
In September 1939, 1,374 were available to use in Polish Army.
Carefully with all the details Tom created model of this cannon. First version has many bugs like inverted texture... After few months of recourse the model again reappeared on the workshop.
Now Schneider has new texture made by our oldboy Shayman with Ambient Occlusion technique by Tom which we want to implement in all our cannons (like bofors wz.36). Also has new sound of 75 mm gun and rotation sound effects. Only to use coupled in battery.


Cannon on the polish position with earthwork and ammunition waggon.

PIC 1 A 206 79 
Artillery during the parade at the Mokotów Field (Warsaw 1935)

BF1942 2016 10 14 01 02 50 78

Rear side with all the sighting devices.

The 105 mm leFH 18

(German: leichte Feldhaubitze "light field howitzer") was a German light howitzer used in World War II.
Germans had 4800 of these cannons in September 1939.


Development photo, you can see a new GV logo and scenery of map.

Bundesarchiv Bild 101I 675 7927  

LeFH 18 used on the "Ostfront".

BF1942 2016 05 10 22 14 07 65 

Rear side of Hotwizers.
This cannon work as a battery. To reach perfect effectiveness you will need good scout - spotter.
Kit for recon soldier will lay on several places in main base, like table or barrel. Then by using binoculars - left click for zoom - right click for send spot.
If you want to learn how artillery spotting works in FH, please write in comment section.

This model is conversion from Forgotten Hope: Secret Weapon mod.

Feel free to comment and please follow us for map download.

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Source / Author TomPL: moddb.com

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