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Freitag, 20. Juli 2018

Battlegroup42 RC4 announced, Dev Website back Online & more!

Battlegroup42 support in complicated times, by Jesus Villamor!

For those who regularly visit BattleGroup42 website http://www.battlegroup42.de/, the new Website as well as online game and FTP server (for modders), BG42 RC4 Download is announced. More details on the mod's Facebook posts below:
https://www.facebook.com/BattleGroup42-154526164586059/?hc_ref=ARRij_wLiRDiSzDyN0Y6nH__9AkEr0Dtuz5yPga3LzojWn7AiLY_SqnBpbWIYKViJgY&fref=nfAnd because of that, it's impossible for now to download the Final RC3 + Patch1 from the website. But you can download those files through Google Drive (special thanks to ATWiki for uploading the necessary files! You can check the website, in Japanese https://www4.atwiki.jp/battlefield1942/pages/188.html):

Battlegroup42 Final RC3

Battlegroup42 Final RC3 Patch1

Please take note the filesize is 5.1GB and 5.0GB respectively and compressed in .rar file. You have to extract the necessary files using WinRAR or 7zip (recommended).

al13326 aka Jesus Villamor

Battlegroup42 dev statement, good news for all the fans around, this statement keep your smile!
new website and forum online
hi guys, the new website and the new forum are now online. The website still lacks content of course, but the forum can already be used. Right now, there are only TWO sections, both to be used for mod bug reporting (including the upcoming RC4 build). There will be more sections later.
The website is still work in progress, so changes in layout, colors and graphics of course are to be expected :-)
The URL is the same as before, but this time the site is secured with SSL.
You can reach our website at https://battlegroup42.de
The website's language is English, except the "Impressum" and "Datenschutz" pages, those are written in German to comply with the DSGVO. An English version needs to be read and accepted for registering as a forum user. There's also a cookie notification banner on the site, which will only be shown as long as you haven't accepted it.


 Battlegroup42 RC 3 Feedback to the developers, from a developer.

An honest review from a developers viewpoint...
The selection of maps is great, and at least 3 are in my top 10 of all-time in BF1942 map design. Excellent work on those.
Many of the gameplay features are nice, and it's great to see developers still pushing the boundaries of this game. However, the coding is sloppy, and there are many redundant code snippets and files. This causes abnormally long load times, and in-game lag even on top-end computers, not to mention larger file sizes for the completed mod. No matter how good the computer is, the game engine has limits and the devs don't seem to have given much thought to that.
Vehicle selection is great, and I can't complain about the sheer number of options available. Although seeing prototypes and little used variants in large numbers on some maps kinda kills the whole "historically accurate" vibe. A few less spawns of these vehicles would be great.
Many of the vehicle models, on the other hand, are some of the worst in BF1942. Quite a few were ported from BGF for BF2, and exceed the BF1942 poly count guidelines by several thousand polys. As if this weren't taxing enough on the game engine, the collision models are, at times, a direct copy of the LOD0 mesh...meaning that you have a single collision that is 4000-6000 polys (for perspective, most vanilla collisions do not exceed 500 polys for BOTH the COL1 and COL2, together). This is, quite simply, enough to crash the game. The Hetzer has a 6000+ poly collision for the COL1, and the same for the COL2! This one vehicle presents the game with over 30,000 polys for the bundled mesh...absolutely unacceptable modeling for this game engine.
Overall, it's a decent mod, that needs to be put on a diet. The code needs to be cleaned, and some of the models need some major rework. I doubt we will see this happen, since this mod team is no longer updating BG42, so given that, there are better mods out there. But this is definitely one of the classics.
Just my 2 cents...


Author: Jesus Villamor + Sarge31FR + takiwa

Source: forum.bf1942.sk

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