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Montag, 16. Juli 2018

Fun 8v8 Conquest Matches Event (SW/RTR Maps)

Black Mamba present the X-Pack fun 8 vs 8 Conquest Matches at this summer.

At BF1942 Mini League, we have decided to set up a fun 8v8 exhibition match somewhere at the end of June 2018. A possible date for the event is Saturday, June 23rd, 2018.
The event will consist of two consecutive matches done on 4 different unmodded expansion maps, two from SW and the other two from RTR. I am setting up a poll here so people can pick and choose the expansion maps that are most suitable for 8v8 gameplay. Personally, I think Hellendoorn, Raid on Agheila, Salerno and Anzio are ideal for that purpose.
How the event works is that basically two captains will be chosen from the current list of BF1942 Mini League contestants. Once the captains have been picked, they are responsible for assembling their teams. The teams have to be made with respects to ping and skill limitations.
Date of the event: June 30th. Exact time TBD.
Here is a current list of all BF1942 Mini League contestants:
1. {SoH} -=Diamondback=-
2. {SoH} ABAS
3. -Team_Inf- Moss
4. -Team_Inf- Pedro
5. -Team_Inf- Jim2102
6. -Team_Inf- LuccaWulf
8. [SP] Vojislav
9. [SP] alena
10. [Arkhorst] Arkos
11. [Arkhorst] Raketenhorst
12. [G3TSOME] PipeR
13. [G3TSOME] Hidden
14. [G3TSOME] CM
15. Iszonyat.Arwen
16. Iszonyat.Danny[FTC1899]
17. Iszonyat.Mango
18. [EZ8] harryold
19. [EZ8] jasmarine

Possible contestant(s):

For the event, which will last 2 hours and 40 minutes, at least two spectators will be needed to record the whole thing. If you would like to record the matches, please let us know below.
Currently all the above league members are given priority to participate in the event. In the event that some league players are not available for the event, they will be replaced by possible contestants (just say in your post if you are interested to join the event or not!).
*For the poll, please vote for your two favorite SW maps, and your two favorite RTR maps. Don't vote only for SW maps or RTR maps. Thank you!

Important: Sorry, we are too late with that News, end of Register was 15 June. But after the Event is before the event!. If do you have interest for take a part of this Event, give them a Feedback into the team-simple.org Forums. Newbees and Noobs welcome: click here

Author: Black Mamba

Source: team-simple.org

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