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Mittwoch, 25. Juli 2018

Desert Combat 2 dev statement July 2018!

Since there seems to be more interest for my mod happening, I thought I should post about it here...

It all started in June 2017 when I was downloading and playing hundreds of custom DC maps. I got the idea to create bot support for them, as they would have no chance getting played on multiplayer servers. So I started to develop Desert Combat 2 (DC2) many months later in February 2018. My goal for the mod is to create fully functional bot support for all the maps, about 20-25% of them already have bot support, plus a few maps I have created bot support for as well. There are currently around 230 custom DC maps in DC2, and I'm still searching for more. Thought I would post about the mod here, as some of you might be interested.

I also have made a website for my mod (still working on it) with information about the mod and a list of all the maps in it: https://desertcombat2.blogspot.com
In addition, I also have a Discord server for it which is where most of the discussion and updates happen. If you have Discord and would be interested in joining, there is a link for the server on the DC2 website. Currently, there's 25 people in it who have been helping me playtest the mod and reporting any errors or bugs, which I am thankful for

Here's some screenshots of 2 really good maps I have created bot support and pathmaps for:

Author: Jim2102

Source: battlefieldsingleplayer.com

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Skele Joop hat gesagt…

I would like to See Bots Manning all Stationary Positions ,on a Map Like Omaha Beach,or Juno ,Sword in the Forgotten Hope Mod.
Westerplatte also nice.
Bots Should Die once or Twice.
Because sometimes during weeks,we have so less Players,we play CooP.
My Sort of Idea/Dream was Develop a sort of Single Player Scenario on a BF42 (D-Day) map.
Sound scripts added. With Objectives like Blow Up 88,or Nebel..
I Like how FH Secret Weapons made a Map,replaying a Medal of Honor Allied Assault (Demo) Map Called 'Nebelwerfer Hunt'

Greetings !

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