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Mittwoch, 4. Juli 2018

BF1942: Strasbourg Map three variants Released

After two years of work, Black Mamba's "Strasbourg" Map is Released in three different variants for you!

Changelog since last version:

- Reworked Material Map, around main bases
- New ground textures around the Axis and Allied mains, plus around the city
- Full object and terrain lightmaps (object shadows)
- Added a missing Kettenkrad object spawn at Axis main

Download link below Strasbourg Final BF1942:

SW conversion of the map:

SW conversion, called "Strasbourg Airborne":

Important information for you: The maps are on the BF1942 Mini League [USA] server for anyone that would like to try them out! PW is league2018.

Source: team-simple.org and bfmods.com

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