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Mittwoch, 25. Januar 2017

BF 1942 / Mods: Bodies Stay Mod!


A mod that makes the dead bodies stay on the battlefield for a very long time.

This mod is actually rather easy to make if you have the right tools (Battlefield Mod Development Toolit/WinRFA), but this is for the lazy people ;)
Works with:
  • The expansion packs (Road to Rome, Secret Weapons)
  • BF1861
Different downloads for:
  • BF1942
  • BF1918
  • Galactic Conquest
  • Forgotten Hope
  • Eve of Destruction
Download: here

How to install:
Go to this directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\EA Games\Battlefield 1942\Mods\EoD\Archives (or something similar)
now replace the objects.rfa file with the one in this .zip folder.
Enjoy the Bodies Stay Mod!
I recommend you to download a blood patch and ragdoll mod too.

blood patch: Fileplanet.com

ragdoll mod: Youtube.com (link in description)

Or you could just download any other realism mod, but I don't think bodies will stay as long as in my mod...

Tip:  Just replacing the animation files in animation.rfa in the main game folder (not in the mod folder), but you'll need a WinRFA tool (included in the Battlefield Mod Development Toolkit) to open the animation.rfa file and pack it again after you're finished. I think you can find a download and a tutorial how to use it on google ;)

Source: moddb.com

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