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Sonntag, 29. Januar 2017

Forgotten Hope: -=PFC=- Stalingrad Event 4.Feb 2017


Soon its February, the second month in the year. The Pixel-Fighter Community presents the first public Forgotten Hope Event in 2017 for you the community! Be one of the part, tell your friends or take a look inside oldschool gaming at best! Make the Saturday and the year 2017 together successfull for the community.

Our Event calls....

New Maps made by the great -=PFC=- Kampfsau!

Single Map Download:

f tp://

extract the maps in your FH level folder, for example:

C://Program Files (x86)/EA GAMES/Battlefield 1942/Mods/FH/Archives/bf1942/levels

1.) As a new player got the Battlefield 1942 as basic game: Download

2.) Forgotten Hope 0.7 full Windows 7/8/10 support only one installer:  Download

Pimp up your good old FH 0.7 Mod with a new Interface Menu, bloody screen effect or Sound and Texture Pack for a more WW2 realism experience!

3.) Forgotten Hope 0.7 (optional) new Fan Interface FHC 3b2: Download

3.) BLOODY SCREEN + LOW HP:  Download

 Installation: Battlefield 1942/Mods/FH/Archives/ (paste menu_001.rfa here)

3.) Forgotten Hope 0.7 - Famous Bratwurst + Texture Patch "22.Sep 2015": Download

Additional Maps for the Mappack Events:

3a.) PFC Custom Maps:

3b.) Filefront Custom Maps:



Date: 04.02.2017 

Start: 19gmt+1

New Maps what we play (made by -=PFC=- Kampfsau):

Somewhere in Stalingrad
Stalin Line 1941
6th army

The Download for the maps will comming here soon after its public....

You are welcome to make the difference...

Don't forget: Tell your friends, invite it at all! 


Now we come to the  -=PFC=- donate Heroes, what support the server to keeping us alive:

curt-cobain 25,00 EUR

[cS] Kettenhund 25.00 EUR

zzzMosquitozzz  25,00 EUR

[HG] Seeadler (GER)  20,00 EUR

=SoF= Néroné donates...  50,00 EUR

Do you want to be a Hero or one of the part of the public -=PFC=- Server Community supporters?
Leave us a donation via Pay Pal there: http://www.pixel-fighter.com/modules.php?name=Donations

Source: Pixel-Fighter.com & dw.com

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