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Samstag, 21. Januar 2017

BF 1942 Vanilla: Strasbourg [WIP] "modding inside"


This is a WIP (work in progress) I have been working on for the last couple of weeks.

The map is called "Strasbourg". It features 5 flags (neutral at round start) and two mains. The map is a medium size map, which is divided in two in it's very center by a railway. The flag at the very center of the map spawns a controllable train, of which I will post pics below. The train can be controlled like any other normal vehicle, it stays on the track and you can couple it with the train wagons, which all spawn at the center flag. Some train wagons have weapons attached to them, such as a rocket platform turret, machineguns and AAs. The code for the moving train wasn't made by me, it was made by a FHSW developper called "exe". He published the train modification on the
BFMods.com website for all to use. The meshes used for the train aren't his however; the locomotive was made by a modder called "Smig" (he has a site where he publishes 3D Model), and the wagons are from the XPack2 map Raid on Agheila. I modified them slightly to my liking.

The railway goes from east to west, and the train can travel the full length without derailments. I thought it would be interesting to add a movable train in a BF map (it has never been done before). The train is not only a weapon against aircraft and armor, as well as being a troop transport, it can also be used to move from one flag to the other.

Here are some pics of the map so far. It is still very far from being finished, as I have just started placing static objects and haven't painted the ground textures yet. The textures you see on the map are the default ground textures BC42 displays when you generate surface maps. Surface maps aren't the actually textures of the map themselves, they are just a "primer" for the actual ground painting phase, which I will do later, after having placed all the statics.

So yeah, the map is, I would say, maybe 30% done at this point. The bulk of the map making process for me will be to place the static objects on the map, and import a few custom meshes too.








Some custom objects which I have decided to use for this map:

Ju88A from BoB
Pak40 from LoC
Locomotive object made by Smig
Train_Cart object from XPack2
Train_Platform object from XPack2
RocketPlatform stationary weapon from RoA map (XPack2)
Guard_Guate_open_m1 object from XPack2
stonecross_m1 object from XPack1
and a bunch of other meshes, mainly from XPack2.

I plan to release this map for XPack2 and for vanilla BF. The vanilla BF version of course will be bigger in size since I have to add the custom meshes from XPack2 map side.

The XPack2 version will feature more vehicles from that mod, like the motorcycles and maybe a heavy tank or two.

developer of this Infantry Clan battle Mod: Raised Fist v0.5 Beta

Source/Author: Classical Modder aka Black Mamba

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