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Donnerstag, 24. August 2017

Fast Cars Mod getting new Content updates!

After Release a couple of weeks ago the new Fast Cars Battlefield 1942 Mod getting some updates with content you can Download. We have collect some Developer tweet entries on Facebook of the past weeks for you here. We just hope for an Online Server soon, to test this amazing Mod for Motorsport Fans together.

Fast Cars Mod Developer Statement Collection:

Fast Cars Vintage is up for download now. there is still some work needing to be done but that will come in the first update. Road courses has two tracks done. Mosport still needs wall work.


here are some screenshot teasers of Road Courses Map for FCV

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I am currently working on Fast Cars Vintage, Road Courses Map. It is three road courses, Laguna Seca (old) is done, Sonoma walls are placed i am now lining them up, then i will tackle Mosports walls. It is 3 challenging courses loaded with Can-Am cars and 50 to 70s formula cars. It also will include formula 1 old circuits. It also has San Jose Speedway loaded with Roadsters and hardtops. Watch for announcements as to when i will release Fast Cars Vintage, 1979 and older.


New version in dropbox with 12 Tracks as of 7/4/2017

updated FC.zip file is in Dropbox with the 4 tracks added 6/13/2017

4 more tracks added before next week, I am excited. Formula Hockenheim, Little Joe Cart Ride, Off Raod, and Sprint Racing!

Fast Cars (FC/FCV) Mod: Download

Please test and give your feedback - back to the main developer of the Fast Cars Mod on Facebook.

Facebook Fast Cars Group and developer Contact:

We have contact the developer because the deleting images of the mod by our Release news. We are sorry for, its from the Source side (Facebook) deleted not from us.

Source: Facebook.com

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