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Mittwoch, 16. August 2017

SuperDC v2..: small Development status 07/2017!


There are some new information from "bbfplayer" about the status of development from the awesome SuperDC mod for you!

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new information:

-TOS-1 model added from poe mod, it will be not very powerfull but be able to destroy infantry in bunkers and bildings

-TOPOL_M will have nuke weapon , but not standart fire position(not 90 degrees)

-MSTA heavy non rocket arty (model poe)

-ZTZ99 main battle chines tank, will be next to type 98

-PLL_05 light 120 mm mortar artilery, can swim

1.) Desert Combat 0.7 + Final: Download

2.) Super DC v2.2 (requesting DC 0.7 to play update Mar 2017)  (Torrent only):  Download

For now trying to port models like btr90, chines nuke truck, bmp 2m beregok, stryker mgs,WZ-213 LT,PLZ-05


We just cannot waiting for this cool new update of the Super DC Mod by bbfplayer!

Source: battlefieldsingleplayer.com


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