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Sonntag, 20. August 2017

Warfront v2.1 Patch Release and more for you!

This is a major patch for the WarFront mod, that addresses many of the issues found since last week's release.


WarFront 2.1 Patch


This is a major patch for the WarFront mod, that addresses many of the issues found since last week's release. I have fixed everything that was reported, and quite a few things I found during testing, as well as a few things that I wanted to change even before the first release. The mod should be much more playable now


This is a complete list of the changes in this patch:
WarFront v2.1 Changelog
Added missing minimap icons for vehicles
Anti-Armor class now spawns with a pistol in their kit
Fixed Shotgun projectile code & damage
Fixed GewPzGr40 projectile code, velocity & damage
Fixed Katana projectile code
Adjusted Katana projectile position (increased attack distance) and removed crosshair
Adjusted splash damage material for all vehicles
Added new projectile material for DefGun (8inProjectile)
Fixed DefGun loading issue
Re-modeled Shokaku hull and re-positioned plane spawns to prevent take-off crashes
Re-modeled Zuikaku hull and re-positioned plane spawns to prevent take-off crashes
Re-modeled front sight onType99 for better iron sight view
Adjusted iron sight on Stationary_Type99
Adjusted iron sight on Type99 in Chi-Ha and removed crosshair
Adjusted iron sight on Type99 in Ho-Ha and removed crosshair
Added AmmoBox and MedicBox ammo icons to Ho-Ha
Fixed AmmoBox and MedicBox projectile positions so they won't hit APCs on deploy
Fixed path to MG34 sound
Adjusted iron sight on Stationary_MG34 and removed crosshair
Added Stationary_MG34 vehicle icon
Adjusted iron sight on Stationary_DShK and removed crosshair
Added Stationary_DShK vehicle icon
Changed animation for BerettaM1938 (was using BAR1918 animation, now using MP40 animation)
Fixed sounds on Beretta M1938
Fixed menu name for Italian Elite Paratrooper class (PARATROOPER, ACTIVE PARATROOPS)
Added Breda37 texture
Adjusted iron sight on Stationary_Breda37
Added Stationary_Breda37 vehicle icon
Added Ha-Go wreck mesh and textures
Added Studebaker US-6 wreck mesh (no longer uses Katyusha wreck)
Added Studebaker US-6 textures (no longer uses Katyusha textures)
Fixed path to desert texture for Spitfire
Added correct TZF 9D sight to the Tiger II
New .skn file for Tiger I tracks
Fixed path to missing tower, gunbase, and weapons sounds for several vehicle variants
Tweaked muzzle effects (e_MuzzPanz, e_MuzzPanzSml, e_MuzzArty)
Adjusted muzzle effect position on all land guns
Adjusted projectile position on all land guns
Consolidated variant vehicle weapons to the main vehicle's weapons.con file
Deleted unused or redundant misc. code from several vehicles
Added exhaust and adjusted exhaust positions to all applicable land vehicles
Re-coded Su76Battery so all 3 vehicles fire HE rounds
Fixed path to missing sounds for Su76
Re-modeled Su76 wreck mesh
Fixed Su76 wreck texture
Re-textured BT-7 tracks
Fixed pivot position on M36B2 turret-mounted Browning
Removed coaxial hole texture from M36B2 gunbase texture (vehicle has no coaxial gun)
Adjusted LandMines projectile & damage
Added Hidden Landmine geometry
Fixed path to pacific texture for M3Grant
Added Ki-61 to GuadalCanal map
Fixed bad WillyPatrol spawn on GuadalCanal map
Added SturmTiger to Battle_of_the_Bulge map
Added new Pacific Theater textures for several statics
Added 25mmAA shell ammo icon for Japanese Type99AA gun
Reduced reload time on Type96AA from 3 secs to 1.7secs



Thanks and enjoy

Type 1 Ho-Ni SPG

Welcome back to the 'Front, for a tasty little update...
 The Type 1 Ho-Ni has finally made it's debut on the WarFront.

ScreenShot0 1

The Type 1 Ho-Ni was a self-propelled gun developed by the Japanese for use as a self-propelled artillery gun and tank destroyer. It was essentially an unaltered Type 97 Chi-Ha chassis with the turret removed. A 3-sided casemate was added, and a Type 90 75mm gun was installed. Today, it finally makes it's way onto the WarFront to give the Japanese a long-awaited, and much needed, boost in firepower against the Allied forces in the Pacific. The bots love this tank, and hopefully so will you!

ScreenShot1 1

The mobile version is a 2-seater, with driver and gunner, and shoots an armor piercing shell that is comparable to most Allied rounds of that caliber. The stationary artillery battery consists of 3 vehicles, shooting high-explosive shells for infantry support.


A word of caution, though...while the casemate is a beefy 50mm, there are no secondary weapons onboard to help against infantry attacks. Shoot and scoot is the tactic here, because a hand grenade in the back of the casemate will certainly ruin your day.

ScreenShot2 1

This vehicle will be available with the next version of the mod, so stay tuned for the release!

The Derp Beast Is Here!

A.K.A., say hello to my little friend...
 The Kv-2 finally makes its debut on the WarFront...check this monster out!

sure that by now most of you have had a chance to play the KV-1. It's a beast in it's own right, and can hold the frontline with the best of them. However, it is only a baby compared to its big brother, the KV-2.


The Russians, in all their tank-building wisdom, decided that in order to really make a splash on the battlefield, they would mount their 152mm howitzer M1938 (M-10) on the KV-1 chassis.

ScreenShot3 1

While this did provide a massive amount of firepower on the field, it added an enormous amount of weight to an already strained transmission and engine. Mobility was absolutely sluggish, and the turret was so heavy that the mechanism for traverse would only work on level ground.

ScreenShot4 1

Even with its lack of mobility, the KV-2 was a derp beast, capable of slinging 152mm HE shells at German armor and laugh as the steel simply cracked apart and exploded. Expect much of the same when playing this monster in-game. Its firepower is unmatched...most hits will be devastating to enemy armor. However, it is one of the slowest tanks in the game, its traverse is very slow as well, and with 40lb 2-piece shells being loaded by a single loader, look for a 20 second reload time between shots.


All in all, it's a challenging but fun tank to play. The bots love it, and hopefully you will too! Look forward to seeing this monster in the next WarFront release!

Macchi C.202 Folgore

Today I'd like to introduce the newest member of the 'Front...the Macchi C.202 Folgore (Italian for Thunderbird).


Considered to be one of the best wartime fighters to serve in large numbers with the Regia Aeronautica, the Folgore operated on all fronts in which Italy was involved. You will see it in WarFront with both the African sand camo, and the Italian camo.

ScreenShot0 2

ScreenShot6 1

The Falgore was equal or better than it's wartime counterparts in many ways, and could dogfight with the P-40, Hurricane, and Spitfire on even terms...it could even give a P-51 a run for it's money on a good day. However, it was hampered by design flaws that were never worked out during the war, and it was insufficiently armed, with just two machine guns that easily jammed.

ScreenShot7 1

This is a nice dogfighter. It handles well, and can easily go up against any Allied plane in whatever theater you are in. However, you will want to get close with the 7.7mm mgs before firing, or you will waste a lot of ammo. The 12.7mm mg should be used similar to a cannon, as a finishing burst when the enemy is smoking.

ScreenShot2 2

Be sure to grab the next release of WarFront, and give this bird a spin!

Warfront v2.0 new Release 07/2017: Download
Warfront v2.1 Patch Release 07/2017: Download

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